A Reading Rant

As most of you know I have a thing about books.  I love books!!!  I’ve done a whole gob of reviews on the old blog and was so looking forward to my first review here.  That is until I realized the first book I’d be reviewing over here is The Appeal by Grisham.

First off I should admit that I despise court/law fiction.  I’ve never liked it.  Ever.

I should also ‘fess up that I’ve never been able to get past a couple chapters of any Grisham novel due to extreme boredom.

So it should come as no surprise how vehemently I’ve hated every moment of reading The Appeal.  Trust me, if left to my own devices I would’ve dropped it after the first page, but no… Jim had promised me it was a “good read” (he is now recanting that statement ever since I quite literally threw the book at him).

I held out hope that the book would end well.  It does not. 

I held out hope that the story would at least be interesting.  It is not.

I held out hope that there would at least be one riveting scene or section of dialogue.  There is not.

Nothing but legal jargon and made up chemical names.  Nothing but a tired story of “smarty” business outfoxing “dumb” white trash.

He spends so much of the book making you sympathize with the Peytons only to have Carl Trudeau sail off into the sunset unscathed.

Pfffft on you John Grisham!

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