Inhale (1…2…3) Exhale

I love my kids.  Really I do.  Honestly.  For really.  I even like them too.

However right at this moment my two oldest are in their respective beds having a “forced” nap.  Nevermind that Sophie’s long since graduated from naps, nevermind that Dandy only naps after lunch.  They need a nap.  Or better yet, I need them to nap.

It seems my two intrepid adventurers decided that instead of playing with the thousands of toys in their room, they would much rather plunder the bathroom cabinets, which are so high that I  have to stand in a (kiddie) chair to reach the topmost shelf.

And it wasn’t so much that they plundered really.  It’s the fact that they sought out the new tube of concealer (’cause even us make-up free gals have occasion to hide blemishes) and used it to war-paint Beckett and have now “forgotten” where they put it.

“Forgotten” being very loosely used in the previous sentence.

First they told me it was upstairs.  Then they told me it was “on a table”.  Then it was under a pillow, then under the bed, then downstairs, then… well then they just couldn’t come up with another place to suggest.

I offered that maybe they were lying to save themselves from punishment… which was met with the biggest, doe-y-est eyes you’ve ever seen (I think Sophie even managed an “anime eye shimmy”.

I was not impressed.

In one of my least proud Mommy moments I threatened to box up all their toys and give them to the mountain people (one day I’ll explain, but for now, just follow me).  When that didn’t seem to cause enough effect I took away Sophie’s PSP (which is actually mine) AND the dvd player and the effect was IMMEDIATE!  Tears, grovelling, vain attempts to find the concealer… all to no avail.

So knowing that my temper was rapidly fraying beyond all hope I “napped” them.  Considering that everyone is sickish here and on some sort of cough medicine, the odds are good that they’re already asleep.

In the midst of my tirade with the older miscreants I overheard M having a similar go with Beckett.  Turns out he’s learned that the middle lever on the desk chair releases the back support and basically dumps the (unsuspecting) seated person into the floor.  Perhaps it’s a nice trick with Sophie… not so much with M.

Ok… I was wrong, Dandy’s not asleep.  He’s chanting “I want to say I’m sorry” from upstairs.  I’m sooo not impressed right at this moment.

4 thoughts on “Inhale (1…2…3) Exhale

  1. haze

    Oh dear, what a day. I don’t blame you for the forced naps. But I have to laff out loud at their shenanigans. (I can laff now knowing my day will come later)


  2. Michelle

    Lilianna totally chants that in between sobs when she gets napped. One time I napped her while she was drinking chocolate milk and I told her I was putting it in the refrigerator and she chanted…no don’t put it in the refrigerator at the top of her lungs until she fell asleep…kids are so funny.


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