-The concealer is still missing. 

-Knowing my guys’ M.O. I’m sure that it’s dried up as they never put the lids back on anything.

-I’m totally over the whole incident.

-The lying or lying-by-omission/misdirection thing is getting better.

-Unfortunately they’ve found other buttons to push. 

-Beckett is cutting two teeth, which is making him pretty much insufferable.

-Couple that with his “male-region-problem” and he’s been very much a nightmare to live with.

-Luckily that’s getting better.

-Dandy’s new thing is to completely push everyone to the edge of reason. 

-You know it’s bad when M calls on her mobile from the FRONT YARD to tell us that someone needs to “collect” Dandy because she’s sprayed him with the hose-pipe out of frustration due to his cheekiness.

-Sophie is in “wander” mode, which means that at least three times a day I’m out on the porch hollering for her to at least yell back her location. 

-On the plus side, Sophie’s schooling is going GRRRRREEEAT! 

-She has actually progressed up to some (gasp!) Gr.3 stuff!! 

-We did crafts today.

-I found out that I’m “sensitive” to tempura paint.

-It’s been 3 hours and I’m still “itchy”

-So is Sophie.

-I threw out the tempura paints.

-We made paper sunflowers out of newspaper and magazines.

-Sophie lost interest after she painted the petals.

-I’m blaming it on the paint effect.

-Did I mention I’m itchy?

-Sophie wants to be Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween.

-She asks us at least a 20 times everyday to get her costume.

-It was sold out at Wishcraft (but isn’t now).

-But I found the exact same one for less money at a different website.

-I haven’t ordered it yet.

-Sophie wanted Beckett to be the Big Bad Wolf.

-I’m voting for the woodsman.

-Jim is refusing to dress up as the wolf in G’ma’s nightgown.


-Surprisingly we’ve only been trick-or-treating once.

-Dandy’s going as a pirate.

-He already has his costume.

-He wears it EVERY day.


-Grand estates in Europe have peacocks roaming their front lawns.

-I have turkeys.

-They are not wild.

-They are by far the funniest animals I’ve ever been around.

-I think everybody needs their own personal flock of turkeys.

-Simply because they’ll agree (gobble) to anything you say.

-I’ve had mock sermons with them.

-They gobble every time I need an “Amen”.

-They even side with me when Jim and I disagree. (“Am I right turkeys?”  GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!)

-That’s about it.

-For now.

2 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Donna

    I had never heard a hose (as in water hose, as in the thing you keep out in the garden) called a “hose pipe” before I met Donald. Now here you are using that word. His mom was from Chester/Great Falls area, so I am figuring maybe it’s an upstate thing? Down in the lowcountry where I’m from, we always just called it a hose.

    PS. Great news on Sophie’s schooling!! I know you must be excited.


  2. tapsalteerie

    🙂 I think it might be an Upstate thing. Everyone around here calls it a “hose pipe”.

    You should hear Xander’s Southern drawl! Everytime I ask him to explain something he starts with a drawn out “Well….” which sounds more like “whale” everytime! The more drawn out it is the more colorful the explanation (as a general rule!).


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