Kyrgyz Blog Ring

I just wanted to remind all the blogging Kyrgyz Adoptive Families out there that I have made a Kyrgyz Adoption Blog Ring.  Our little list is growing and we’re now up to about 10 families and it would be great to add more! 

A couple rules:

-As much as I’d love to add prospective adoptive families, I think the list would be a better service if we limit it to families that have either completed Kyrgyz adoptions or are actively in process (ie you’re in the paper chase).

-Active bloggers only please.  I know, I know, I’m the one to talk seeing as how I have the occasional long span between posts.  What I’m actually talking about are blogs that are dead for more than a month at a time.  Our list is so small at this time that this isn’t really a problem, but I thought it was best to get it in the “rules” right off!

Click here to join our ring:  Kyrgyz Adoption Ring

2 thoughts on “Kyrgyz Blog Ring

  1. Donna

    Kind of off topic, but I can’t find your e-mail address. Are you guys going to SAFF? We are planning to drive up on Friday night and attend on Saturday and for a little while on Sunday. We’d love to see you and meet those boys and see Miss Sophie again.


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