Little Red Riding Hood


Sophie as Little Red Riding Hood



Sophie’s costume came today.  She almost mauled the unsuspecting UPS guy and to make matters worse, it was not our regular UPS guy, so I’m fairly certain we scared him to death!


She’s couldn’t get the outfit on quick enough (so quick in fact that she managed to get a splinter off her basket!).  She didn’t even complain as I combed and braided her hair and that’s pretty amazing! 

Needless to say we are totally pleased with the costume.  It’s really super great quality and looks like “real-clothes” as opposed to a costume.

At one point we lost her and I dimly remembered her telling me that she had packed a snack for “Grandma”.  I told Jim to start looking for her in the woods as that’s where I was sure she would be wandering.  And sure enough, I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of her walking back towards the house.  I sent Jim out with the camera to do an impromptu photo shoot and it turned out fabulously.

The great pics coupled with a new to me find, PicniK and I have a new header!  That site is really incredible and I will probably be spending a ridiculous amount of time there playing with my pics!

4 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Shea

    I’m going to put the others up on Flickr later. I’ll put a link in the sidebar 🙂

    You’ll love her America’s Next Top Model pose in one of them… it’s hilarious!


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