No Nocturnal Enuresis

I suppose it’s one of those weird “Mommy” things that you get so excited when you wake up to dry beds.

Seriously, I had to stop myself from calling my sis-in-law to proclaim my joy.

To explain:  Last night I realized that I did not have another pull-up for my potty challenged child.  I searched the diaper bag and even the car looking for a pull-up, all to no avail.  So I had pretty much resigned myself to washing sheets and gave my non-completely-potty-trained child a pair of regular undies.  But then I got to thinking, maybe I could put a panty-liner* in the undies to catch any minor accidents and maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be a flood! 

So this morning, with extreme trepidation, I checked and guess what?  ALL DRY!!  Yeah!  There was uncertainty as we raced to the bathroom this morning, but luckily the panty-liner saved the day (or undies as the case may be).

There has been much rejoicing in our house this morning!  We even fixed a real breakfast to celebrate AND texted Poppy a message during his classes to tell him! 

Yeah… it’s the little things that thrill us around here 😉

* There’s a part of me that can’t believe that I just typed “panty-liner” not once but now THREE times on my blog.  What’s next?? 🙂

4 thoughts on “No Nocturnal Enuresis

  1. Kelly Sims

    You should have called…I would have cheered right along with you! 🙂 That is wonderful!!
    You are right, it is funny what thrills us now AND what makes us laugh…aka- rice bomb! 🙂


  2. Shea

    Hey I was thinking, next time you should suddenly remember that YOU have a lunch appt and suddenly leave him with all the kids (minus Izzy ’cause he’d just make her do everything! 🙂 ).

    “you sure do have your hands full….” Ya think? Here’s to *obvious* stranger comments!


  3. Shea

    FYI- it’s still working… it won’t hold in a major flood, but it does work for the last minute bathroom rush. Plus it’s MUCH cheaper than pull ups!!


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