Potty Training Begins

I’m happy to report that Sophie’s dress can indeed be washed!  It comes through beautifully with no bleeding or shrinkage!  YEAH!

You might be wondering how I know this?  Well… we’re potty training around here sort of.  By sort of I mean Beckett’s spending a lot of time in “big boy undies” and is making friends with his potty chair.  We’ve all been singing The Potty Train song from Bear in the Big Blue House (does that even come on anymore?) and things are going as expected.  Beckett sits on his little potty and then gets up and pees on the floor. 


I haven’t been letting Sophie wear her dress during meals for fear that it would get stained/dirty so she’s been taking it off and laying it on the couch.  Last night she opted to not put it back on after supper and somehow Beckett decided to drag it off the couch, sit on it and, you guessed… PEE! 

So the dress had to be washed and actually I think it looks better now since the lace is laying flat and the shipping wrinkles are gone.  I’m relieved as Sophie’s wearing this dress so much that if it didn’t wash well we’d be in a lot of trouble!!

Anyway, in parting I leave you with a little Bear to brighten your day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Potty Training Begins

  1. Pamela

    So, I couldn’t get through this post without cracking up. The whole sittin’ on the potty chair and getting up and peeing on the floor is what did it. I’m still laughing.



  2. tapsalteerie

    It is funny… I’ll admit that 🙂 Although it does lose some of its humor after you clean up the 3rd or 4th accident. He’s back in diapers today, but at least he’s gotten to the point where he tells us when he needs to be changed. That’s a positive step I think 🙂


  3. Shea

    I would *like* to report that we’ve made positive progress… but I can’t. He now denies that he ever goes potty, even while sporting the nastiest of diapers.


    I’m so glad Dandy came potty trained 🙂


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