Craft store madness!!

Yesterday M and I took Sophie to the local Hobby Lobby (my least favorite craft store btw, but since it’s 20 miles closer than the nearest AC Moore or Michaels and a good 2 hours from Binders, it’s the best I can do with the current gas crisis in our area).

I went to buy some orange craft paint.  That’s it!  Orange craft paint.  I left with 2 (or 3, I can’t remember) different colors of orange paint, some black paint, a plaster of paris mask kit (for Sophie), pirate rubber stamps (for Dandy), a pirate wooden paint-it-yourself thing, a couple stencils, a bunch of halloween cookie cutters (because we have to keep our record of the most cookie cutters in a non-commercial kitchen, you understand!) and then the loot we gleaned from the clearance aisle.


My orange paint ended up costing somewhere close to $100.  Mind you I did get craft projects/supplies for the kids’ school projects (we do lots of craft projects!) so it wasn’t at all frivolous.  And I did get my orange paint so that I could finish our October calendar banner (which is turning out great, pics coming soon).

I’m glad to report that Sophie actually handled the craft store very well.  No real meltdowns, and although she did wander off, she did respond when called.  YEAH for Sophie such great improvement!!  Her only frustration was after we got home.  She didn’t understand that she would have to wait many, many hours for the mask to set before she could paint it (we had tried to explain in the store, but she wasn’t getting it, sometimes she has to learn “the hard way”).  What she doesn’t know is that we totally screwed up the plaster the first time and after she went to bed we threw that away and redid the whole thing.  The bad thing is that she’s going to be mad this morning as the mask is supposed to dry for an additional 6 hours out of the mold.   Hopefully she won’t think about it right off the bat this morning (so far, so good!).

Xander and Beckett have had a blast with their stamps.  We made a lunch bag for Poppy last night.  It was entirely too cute!
the front of the bag… Arrr!

the back of the bag

They had little pump bottles of paint on the clearance aisle for $0.60 which we used to make the spritzy paint effect.  Pretty cool 🙂  Plus Jim really liked it. 

My next update will have the calendar banner, hopefully later today!

One thought on “Craft store madness!!

  1. Andrea

    I love your new header and Sophie’s costume! Congrats on the potty progress. We have no more diapers at our huse, but one that still sleeps in pull-ups (can you guess which one?). I’ll have to try your panty liner trick 🙂 I have been meaning to pick up some small muffin tins to try that meal idea, but keep forgetting.


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