La Cubanita Cafe- REVIEW

First off, we LOVE Cuban food.  LOVE IT!  We were first introduced to it in G’ville in a little dive of a restaurant that had the best Cuban sandwiches hands down!  We have yet to find a place that has a comparable Cuban sandwich so it was with great enthusiasm that we arranged an outing to La Cubanita on East Broad.

La Cubanita

La Cubanita

First off, this is a tiny place that is working their niche as a downtown business lunch stop.  We were the only family there and I got the impression from the other patrons that it was unusual to see a family there at lunch.  That paired with the fact that the tables are mostly bistro/cafe style with tall stools it’s not immediately kid friendly.  Luckily they have a couple corner booths that were perfect for our brood.

I read a couple reviews online and it was highly recommended that you always try the special so we kept that in mind.  We found the menu to be very limited, don’t go expecting ropa vieja and carnitas ’cause it ain’t there!  Still there is something for all and even though I was really hoping for carnitas, I was still more than happy to try something else.

 Pan con Lechon

Jim ordered the Pan con Lechon ($7.95) which is a roasted pork sandwich.  He said it was excellent and it must have been because he wolfed it down before anyone could have a taste!

Sandwich Cubano

Sophie and I split the Sandwich Cubano ($6.95) which was ok.  I wasn’t over the moon about it, but it was good.  Personally there was too much mustard.  Sophie loved the little shoestring potato thingies that came with it and she loved her half of the sandwich, although she completely deconstructed it to eat it!  The bread is made fresh daily and was a big hit with Sophie!

the beef stew special

M and the boys got today’s special: Beef Stew (Never saw a price but it must have been $$$ so be sure to ask before ordering!!).  It was quite tasty and a big hit with both Xander and Beckett!  Our only complaint was that the portion of beef stew was so small for the price.  The stew is tomato based with olives and potatoes… very, very yummy!  I didn’t have any rice, but I did manage a taste of the beans (as Beckett was shovelling them into his mouth!) and they were very good as well.  The plaintains were excellent, just wish we had more!

Flan with Coconut

When we ordered the flan ($3.49) the waitress asked us if we wanted coconut on it.  I’ve never had it that way and it’s YUMMY!  I really enjoyed this, although Beckett wasn’t sold on it at all… I ate his part 🙂

Churro Rellano

We also ordered the Churro Rellano ($1.95).  It’s fried dough filled with caramel.  This was very, very good.  Jim wasn’t very willing to share it and it was very hot!  Definitely will be getting this again!

For drinks the boys had iced tea ($1.99) and the rest of us had water.  The water… not so good… definitely splurge for the tea as the water must come straight from the tap as it’s got a “city-wang” to it. 

Overall it wasn’t a bad restuarant.  It’s not one that I would immediately recommend to families with small kids (like us).  If the corner booths are taken then the seating options for a table with a high chair are tricky.  It’s definitely making the most of the downtown business dinner rush (almost all the other diners were in power suits and talking shop).

Would we go there again?  Possibly, if the mood strikes.  I’m hoping that it does well here in G’ville as I do get a hankering for Cuban and usually that means I have to make it myself, which isn’t always convenient.  And someday maybe they will add carnitas to the menu 🙂

Beckett enjoying the food!


6 thoughts on “La Cubanita Cafe- REVIEW

  1. Mia

    I love Cuban food it’s not so different from Puerto Rican food. If you ever get the chance to try chino-cubano (chinese-cuban) do so. Oh if you want any recipes for any of the foods you ate let me know. My mom makes all that stuff. Lechon is something we have during the holidays and maduros (the sweet plantains) is a weekly thing in this house. BTW they are fantastic with fried eggs.


  2. shea

    I would LOVE recipes! I was able to glean a few recipes from our old Cuban place before it closed but I would love to add more!
    I’ve never heard of chinese-cuban but will keep an eye out for it.


  3. Mia

    I’m putting together some recipes for you now. One question tho’ did you have carne guisada or ropa vieja? Because the beef dish you have pictured in the post looks more like ropa vieja than carne guisada (beef stew). It’s 2 completely different recipes.


  4. Shea

    Oh Mia! I’m so excited! I just got back from the international markets in Atlanta and I’m stocked up and ready!

    La Cubanita called it “Beef Stew” it had olives and big hunks of meat in it, very tasty but totally unlike the ropa vieja I’ve had.


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