A Birthday and Something Scary

Monday was my 34th birthday.  Jim and I ended up going out (sans children) to Miyako’s which was really nice.  Jim and I love sushi, but rarely go there anymore as they no longer do lunch which is typically when we’re out and about. 

Anyway, Jim ordered an array of rolls (Treasure Island, White Dragon, Toni-P and Red Dragon) and the server (whatever happened to KevinChristianWill?  Anyone know?) pushed offered a Lime Martini that he had been working on.  Normally I don’t do martinis but for whatever reason I agreed.  It. Was. FABULOUS!  Seriously.  Like I’ll order it anytime I’m over there it was so good.  Seriously.

So we had a fabulous meal, enjoying each others company and the fact that we had nearly the whole restaurant to ourselves.  We’re notorious for entertaining our servers and this time was no different, but we had a blast and that’s all that counts 🙂

Anyway, I don’t care for Miyako’s desserts so we hoofed it over to Azia.  Yes I know it’s weird to go from a sushi place to a Asian fusion place but it was so worth it!  I had the cappuccino mousse cake and Jim had the creme brulee sampler thingy.  We had Jim’s birthday dinner at Azia back during the summer and it was divine!  Expensive, but really, really good.  The funny thing was that the house manager thought we were food critics because we super-analyzed everything that came before us.  Since we were getting the kid-glove treatment I didn’t feel the need to correct his assumption, but it did cause a good bit of amusement 🙂  Anyway.  On that visit we had observed a girl who’s uniform was much more tailored than the rest of the crew.  She immediately reminded Jim and me of an anime character called Don Wei from Oban Star Racers.  As fate would have it she was one of our servers and the overwhelming similarity to Don Wei was still there… so much so that I had to tell her.  Of course she looked at me like I was mental, but I was happy knowing I’d voiced the observation.  Yeah, I’m weird and alcohol does weird things to me.

So anyway.  We rounded out the evening by (and this is shocking folks!) walking around Barnes and Noble.  Yeah, we’re regular wild ones aren’t we?  It’s something of tradition to end up at a bookstore before going home.  Not sure how that started but we always, always end our night at the bookstore.  Again, I know we’re weird.

So it was back to home to put kiddos to bed and thanks to the martini (and the spiked cappuccino that I didn’t mention that I had with the mousse cake) I slept like the dead! 

The next morning Jim was up super early to get ready for school.  I remember rolling over to tell him to be careful on his way to school, and to apologize for not being a caring enough wife to get up to fix him a hot breakfast… but in my defense, the bed was deliciously warm and all was right in my world at that moment.

So Jim left.  A few minutes after he left I shot awake.  Full awake.  And without really thinking about it I was across the room when the phone started ringing.  M answered and was at the bottom of the stairs as I finished dressing.  The only thing I said to her was “where is he?” She told me and as I gathered my things to run out the door, we locked eyes.  Both of us had had the same premonition.**

Jim was riding his Aprillia to school, just like always.  When he got about a mile from our house, a woman driving a Trail Blazer tried to make a right hand turn into a gas station from the left hand lane.  She didn’t see Jim and ended up running into him and dragging him and his bike over the curb and into the parking lot.

As I was driving over I called Jim.  He was being seen by the EMTs.  Hearing him, I knew he was ok, but I was still worried.  I didn’t know how badly he was hurt and he’s always one to downplay his injuries, so I knew I’d have to get an eye on him.

When I pulled up I saw Jim standing near ‘Prillie (that’s what we called his Aprillia).  ‘Prillie looked awful.  Her headlight was hanging off, the whole left side was just a jumble of parts and there were broken bits of her bodywork all over the place.  It looked like she exploded!  So I parked and walked over to Jim.  He looked wild eyed, adrenaline obviously pumping furiously through his system.  I gave him a hug and a visual once over, noticing his only injury seemed to be his left knee, which was bloody.  His riding suit was shiny in a couple places and there was a hole in his pants leg where he’d hurt his knee.  His riding boots were worn down on the ankle but his ankle itself was unharmed. 

He could’ve been seriously hurt.  He could’ve been looking at joint replacement/reconstruction.  He could’ve road-rashed his skin right off to the bone (or into the bone).  He could’ve been killed.

But he ended up walking away from it all with a relatively small abrasion on his knee.  That’s it.  Proper riding gear coupled with a calm and level head in a dangerous situation saved his life. 

When Jim first started angling for a motorcycle my only stipulation was that he was always suited up.  He had to have a full face helmet, riding boots, pants and a jacket.  Sure he got teased about it a couple times, but I was adamant.  If he didn’t abide by my requirements then I wouldn’t give my good favor to the purchase.  Luckily Jim was in 100% agreement with me. 

It’s the best $1500 we’ve ever spent, especially now, knowing that he could’ve been much more seriously hurt.

So anyway.  Once I knew he was actually ok (or not in imminent danger) I was able to relax.  It took forever for the trooper to arrive, but he was nice and straight forward.  He wrote up his report and after placing a few calls to a friend to come pick up ‘Prillie, I decided to take Jim by the ER to be checked over. 

I did not enjoy the ER trip.  Jim was trying to be “Mr. Tough-guy” and I was not amused.  They X-rayed his knee and thankfully nothing was wrong with his actual joint, just the abrasion.  So they cleaned him up, bandaged him up and sent us on our way.  Jim had refused anything for pain but the second we walked out of the ER doors he started groaning and hissing with every step.

I admit that I almost flew into him, but I didn’t… I figured he deserved a little leeway, all things considered.

On the way home we saw our friend Bobby was at the scene talking to the trooper, but hadn’t loaded Jim’s Aprillia up yet.  So we stopped.  The trooper left promptly and we helped Bobby load ‘Prillie up on the skid-truck.  She had to lay on the crushed side as there was no other way to transport her. 

It was like a funeral.  I felt so bad for Jim as we watched Bobby secure the bike to his truck.  Jim turned to me and said “I probably won’t see her again will I?”

Honestly, I don’t know.  There’s a part of me that never wants Jim to ride a motorcycle again.  If there had been some sort of error on his part then that would’ve been one thing, but he did nothing wrong.  He was driving the speed limit, was in the right hand lane, and if not for his defensive driving he’d be even more seriously hurt, but even if he does everything “right” it doesn’t mean someone else can’t do something “wrong” with disastrous consequences.

** M and I often have these weird premonitions.  It was weird for me to be so happily asleep and then suddenly come full awake and bolt across the room to get dressed.  When I heard the phone ring, I knew exactly what it was.  M had spoken with Jim prior to his leaving and had tried to convince him to drive the car instead.  Sometimes we scare ourselves.

3 thoughts on “A Birthday and Something Scary

  1. Ivy

    That is truly scary. I’m glad Jim is ok. Bill used to talk about buying one a few years back and I always told him I wasn’t into the idea. It’s not about defensive or offensive driving along. I just feel like you are just too vulnerable on a bike where there are so many huge vehicles with a ton of blind spots, often with distracted drivers on cell phones, competing for the same roadspace.


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