On Saturday we went up to Asheville to check out SAFF (Southeastern America Fiber Festival).  As usual, it was great fun although this year it seemed extremely crowded (so much so that I didn’t even see some of our usual fiber friends/vendors!). 


First I stopped by PetuniaLu and snagged a lovely persimmony orange braid of roving. 


Then I headed just across the booth to WhorlingTides to purchase a lovely girlie-girl pink merino/bamboo braid and an equally dreamy blue of the same blend.  I’m reknowned for plundering booths, and happened to find a couple green/blue/gold/white multi-fiber batts at Whorling Tides that were just too cool to pass up!

I really enjoyed meeting both vendors as both are quite passionate about their work.  I think it was great to have them both in one tent (they are friends) as both had excellent examples of natural and acid dyes. 

(Pardon the quality of this pic, it was taken with a mobile phone camera)

The bulk of my purchasing was in the animal barn as I found two lovely little Cotswold ewe lambs that need to be in our flock!  We’re going to pick them up today (hopefully!). 

All in all we had a good time.  I had meant to pick up some circular needles and a natural dye kit and maybe a print from this local-to-me artist (if you’re into sheep you will be amused!) but I didn’t make it back on to the main floor as we were pushed for time (Jim and M both worked Saturday night so we had to be home BEFORE 6 so they could get ready).  Due to a SNAFU with our horse trailer we were unable to return to pick up our ewes (and therefore get in a little more shopping) yesterday.


I’m still mad about it, but c’est la vie!

So today we’re planning to run up to the farm to pick up our little ewes and bring them home.  I’ll post pictures of the arrangement we’re having to endure to get them home.  It should be hilarious!  And all my other shopping can just as easily be done online… just without the instant gratification 😉

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