How we got lambs home


I would like to say that this was the first time we’ve used this method of livestock transportation.


But the truth is this is exactly how our first flock of sheep came home (except they were smaller and in dog crates) AND is how Zeke (that’s a donkey for those of you new to our insanity) came home too.  Yes, I just said I brought a donkey home in the back of a van.  Go ahead, say it… you’re thinking it…

We’re weird.

But I must say it worked out marvelously and they were very well behaved, showing much more interest in the hay I had used as bedding than in eating the upholstery!

These two girls are complete and total sweet hearts!  Very mild mannered, compared to our Shetlands.


I believe that this is Storm (the people we bought the ewes from had a 10 year old son so we’re thinking she’s named for the X-Men character).


So that would make this one Molly.  I’ll check the ear tags to the paperwork and make sure I got that right.


Notice how I even gave them a blankie (sesame street no less).  Actually that’s there purely to soak up any liquid “accidents” that might have happened on the ride home… the tarp is only good for so much 😉  Anyway!  You can see from the pics that they LOVED the hay and they are still covered in it! 

I don’t have a pic of them in their little quarantine paddock as it was getting late and we have freeze warnings for tonight.  So once the sheepies were bedded down and happy we were off to bring in all the tender plants.  Our foyer looks like a conservatory right now and the children have made up a “complex” game called “Garden” which involves one of them running the narrow path between plants while the other two chase them.  I think it’s more involved than that… but I couldn’t get a full answer as they were running past me.

More sheep pics tomorrow!!

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