Rams and Ewes

Last night we finally switched all the sheep around so that Nick is in with his flock of ewes.  All that’s left now is to move the new lambs in with the non-breeding flock and move Harriet in with Keegan.  I’m sure Keegan is going to have some foul baas for me that he has one ewe and Nick has so many more… but that’s how it goes. 

Here’s Nick and his girls this morning.  Personally I love Aiofi, the fawn ewe to Nick’s left.  Please pardon Nick’s face, he and the other rams came to blows last week before we separated him out prior to putting him with the ewes.

2 thoughts on “Rams and Ewes

  1. Donna

    We got a couple of Shetlands at SAFF this year. They are adorable. We’ve got them in a large kennel but are going to have some of our property fenced for them.


  2. Shea

    did you get them from Rothey and Christine? That’s who we got our original Shetlands from, they’re great people and we enjoy seeing them every year!

    Good luck with the sheepies!


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