The Old Blog

I have arranged for my old blog to stick around in a “read only” capacity for a while (until 2058 no less!).  So now I can reference my old posts, and they’ll still be there!!  Yeah! 

I didn’t know the read only option was available and actually only found out about it a couple hours before the old place was to be deleted (Eek!!) so I’m happy that it’ll be able to be there.  Plus that means all our adoption travel posts (only a few I know) are still there.

I’ll be putting a link to it in the side bar soon.

3 thoughts on “The Old Blog

  1. Lori

    Just catching up on some reading. Glad to hear jim is Ok after the accident. How scary for you all! I think I’d have to put my foot down after all that. Maybe a scooter? hahaha – I’m sure he’d love that.


  2. Shea

    Well actually, it was a scooter… just a really big one (you have to have a motorcycle license to drive it). Think Italian… tho’ bigger than a Vespa, it could easily handle Interstate driving with a max speed of 100 mph!! EEK!
    The thing got 60 mpg, but I’d rather give up the gas mileage for safety. Currently he’s having to drive the Volvo… talk about going to extremes!!


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