Andrea over at Holding on for the Ride tagged me for this little meme.  I’ve been meaning to get around to it, and have finally found a relatively quiet moment 🙂

7 Weird Facts

1.  Walmart wigs me out. 
2.  As does Bi-Lo.
3.  I have a sporadic phobia of people.  Typically huge crowds don’t bother me and then other times it totally sets me over the edge.  The worst time it ever happened I was at the Grand Canyon.
4.  I sometimes like being a stirrer (definition 4 a & b also 5).
5.  I still haven’t finished Folklore.
6.  I don’t like to go outside after dark if I’m home alone.  However if everyone is home then it doesn’t bother me.  And if there’s a farm emergency then it doesn’t bother me at all… I’ve walked our entire acreage at 3am looking for a lost horse and never worried about the first snake, predator, dog… nothing and that’s without a flashlight!
7.  I’m glad Jim’s decided not to get another motorcycle/scooter in the near future!

I don’t think there are 7 people that still read my blog so I’m just going to have to leave this part out!

6 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Donna

    Yep. Another person here glad he’s not replacing the scooter. I know they are good for the environment, but dang, it’s not worth endangering his life because other drivers don’t pay attention.


  2. Shea

    Jim said he wouldn’t get another motorcycle/scooter until he was worth more dead. I took offense at his cavalier assessment, but I understand what he means. It’s just not worth the risks… even with doing everything “right” he still was very nearly killed. Did I mention that there are tire marks on his helmet?? and on the back of his riding jacket? I think it scared me more after we got home and saw that!

    On the plus side, his knee is healing… slowly, but it’s getting there.


  3. Michelle

    I am sure that 7 people read your blog! I am glad your blog moved to a new address because I could never figure out how to post comments on your old site! So much for the actual worth of an advanced degree!


  4. shea

    You know I felt bad abt saying that and then POOF I have a sudden flood of comments… Made it look like I was fishing… But then I guess I was… Alittle 🙂


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