Belated Halloween Pics

Jim informed me that I had not posted the Halloween pics so here they are!


Beckett was supposed to go as a dragon, but he wasn’t feeling very comfortable in that costume, so he went as a knight.


Dandy was initially supposed to just be a pirate, but he looked so cute in his kilt that we changed him into a Scottish pirate.  He loved the idea and really rocked the outfit, although he was mistaken for Paul Revere  and a couple people thought he was an American Revolution character… I guess it was the hat that was throwing them off.  Anyway… he looked incredibly cute!

(this pic was taken from her walk-in-the-woods-to-grandma’s-house-photo-shoot)

And of course Sophie went as Little Red Riding Hood.

Intstead of going trick-or-treating we went out for pizza at Whole Foods.  We got a few weird stares as they had had their costume thing for kids sometime earlier in the week… but I figured the kids were better off eating pizza than getting candy that they wouldn’t be able to eat anyhow.  From there we went to Earth Fare to pick up a few other groceries and they enjoyed parading around to the oohs and aahs of the store employees!  My kids are hams!

From there we went to the hospital to deliver Jim’s dinner and had to parade around again!  Jim “dressed up” as a Scotsman so he and Dandy looked so cute together, I wish I had thought to take a picture. 

Anyway… the kids had a blast with their slightly non-traditional Halloween outing and I hope we’ve started a new family tradition of skipping out on the candy!!

4 thoughts on “Belated Halloween Pics

  1. Andrea

    That picture of Sophie in the woods is amazing! It looks like she was really playing the character, I love it! All of the kids costumes are very cute. And your wool looks great, I don’t know much about wool, but it looks like you are doing a good job 🙂


  2. Shea

    The whole Little Red Riding Hood photo shoot can be seen here:

    It was one of those photo opportunities that just happened. I noticed Sophie was missing and caught a glimpse of her behind the sheep paddock so Jim ran out and snapped some pics on the wooded trail. Some of them turned out fabulously!

    I’m wanting to do a similar shoot of Dandy with a boat, but I haven’t worked that out yet!


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