Spinning and a Dye Job

I’ve been spinning a good bit here lately.  I spun up both the Whorling Tides braids and the PetuniaLu braid as well.  It took me a few minutes to transition from spinning Shetland to spinning Merino but I think the WT braids turned out fabulously!

I tend to double ply everything, just because I like it.

Initially I didn’t think I was going to like the PetuniaLu Madder-dyed BFL as it seemed a little stiff but honestly it spun up like a dream and I love it!  I think I’m going to be ordering some more of her wool!

It looks quite orange in this photo, but it’s not quite so lightbulb orange in person!

I’ve started on the batts that I got from WT, but I haven’t made appreciable progress on those… I’ll have photos eventually.

So being all inspired by woolie endeavors, I thought I’d try my hand a dyeing wool.  So… I dug out a pack of Merino/Silk that I had bought ages ago from Little Barn and divided it in two.  I only have 2 acid dyes:  Christmas Red and Christmas Green that I had bought at SAFF sometime back.  Ages ago we bought a crock pot for the single purpose of dyeing wool (we never use crock pots for actual cooking!) so I dusted it off and you know what?  Dyeing wool is fun!  Stinky… but exciting!  I wasn’t sure the red was going to actually be RED as it looked icky burgundy in the water but then it miraculously turned bright Christmas red and it’s so pretty now!

The red is actually much redder and spins up like a peppermint candy.  The green if very soft and glowy what with all the silk in it.  I ended up making 3 batts of each on the drum carder last night with the help of both Sophie and Dandy.  Beckett only wanted to turn the handle the wrong way so he didn’t get to “help” much.  Sophie was fascinated with taking the batt off the drum carder and actually was very helpful.

We were having so much fun with all the carding that we decided to do a little of our Shetland too.

The Shetland is at the very top.  I’m still working on getting more of the VM out of the black wool… I was distressed by how much was in it when it came back from the mills.

So anyway… I’m resisting the urge to spin the wool I dyed.  M wants to use some of it for a felting project… but that red just spins so nicely and looks so very Christmasy…

5 thoughts on “Spinning and a Dye Job

  1. Ivy

    They are adorable and you are talented. I am so with you on not doing the candy thing but let’s see how long I can keep it up. It’s only year 1 🙂



  2. petunialu

    Very nice!!!

    Yes, the naturally dyed braids feel stiff because they spend so much time in the heated bath (the downside to traditional dyeing methods!) I take extra care not to change the temperature drastically during the process. Thankfully, the wool hasn’t been felting!

    I am going to dye some pink soon, so keep an eye out! I am so excited that you like it!


  3. Beth at WhorlingTides

    Your yarns are looking fantastic! What do you think that you will be making with them? Can’t wait to so those pics, too. And also…thanks so much for giving the link to my shop. I’ll be happy to give you 20% off your next purchase (just convo or email me first so that I can change the price!) Take care.


  4. Shea

    Pamela- Thanks… I’m a little rusty, as the boys are into so much that I’m constantly stopping to go check on what they’re doing!!

    Ivy- Sophie’s 8 this year and has only intentionally been t-r-ting once… so there’s hope 😉 Of course my guys don’t really like candy (how that happened I do not know!) so that helps.

    PetuniaLu- Thanks! Once I opened up the braid and fluffed it a bit it wasn’t stiff at all and the color… WOW! I can’t wait to see the pink!

    Beth- I’m still debating on what I want to do with the blue and the pink but I love them so much that I might have to get some more to spin!!


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