LandRover Carolinas Fall 2008 Outing*

Some of you may remember me writing about the LandRover Experience thingy that we did at Biltmore last year.  Today we did a similar outing but on the LandRover Carolinas property off of hwy25 right at the NC border.

We ended up being early (seriously, how did that happen?) to the breakfast meet-up at the dealership, but Jim’s chummy with so many of the guys there that it wasn’t too bad.  We hung out over in the kiddie corner, munching on muffins and apple juice while the other drivers trickled in.

Luckily we met a nice family, very much like us and spent the bulk of our conversational time with them.  So anyway, since we were so very early my Landy was actually the first non-dealer car in the convoy.

This was the view in my side mirror for much of the trip.

The kids had a blast on the drive up.

Particularly Beckett.  Here he is munching down on a leftover breakfast muffin and totally hamming it up!

So anyway, I drove to the property since Jim had worked last night.

Me in all my radiant glory… in hindsight I should’ve worn a warmer coat.

So once we arrived at the property we met up with the LR Asheville peeps, mixed and mingled for a bit and then the A’ville peeps headed out on the trails while the G’ville peeps did “team building” games.  Jim’s team totally lost, but the prize was a t-shirt… so no big loss.  I hung out with the kids doing “crafts” which basically meant I chased after papers as they were blown off the table while trying to keep Beckett from running in front of unsuspecting LR3 drivers.

So anyway, it was finally our turn to drive the course.  As a sign of truest love and spousal faith I let Jim drive.

He was happy.

So anyway… our first obstacle was the teeter-totter.  Here’s a rare Black Family video of the event, just click on the link (there’s some bugs with embedding the video on WordPress apparently).
LandRover Carolinas Fall Outing 2008.

So it’s probably only funny to us, but it totally cracks me up every time I hear it… especially the beginning where we discuss whether I am or am not actually recording it.  The first time we did the teeter-totter thing I thought I was recording, but actually I wasn’t.  And notice how enthusiastic the spotter guy is… he was like that the whole time, which was really great!  And I have no idea what Sophie is saying.

Then it was on to navigating really serious burm-like things.  Let’s just say it was un-nerving but strangely fun.  At one point we were balance on two tires and one of the staff people asked us to stop for a photo-shoot.  Seriously… I turned around to watch the guy behind us do that obstacle and it’s like WOW!


So we were tootling on down the path with nothing much going on (some of the “adventure” was just getting the LRs dirty I think!) when we rounded a corner and saw this:


Which completely cracked me up.  Seriously… only LR peeps are going to be up on these trails… Nothing like preachin’ to the choir!  There were several other bill-boards strategically placed throughout the trail which totally cracked me up every time.


So we continued going up the trail.  Up, Up and even more UP! 


It’s really hard to see but in the center of this pic you can make out the entrance to the Cliffs Valley.  No seriously, you really can… it’s behind that middlemost tree.

So then we finally got to the very tippy-top and had a bit of a walk-around.  They had constructed an observation deck right on the state line.

In this pic Beckett is on the SC side and Xander is mostly in NC. 

But even better than straddling two states at once was the view:

What I would’ve given for a really good camera.  The view was just unbelievable!

And then it was back down the mountain, which was just as much fun as going up.

At the bottom we met back up with all the other peeps and had a BBQ picnic, which was nice but very breezy and therefore rather cold (see previous comment about wearing a heavier coat).  I was glad I had thought to bring along my Rikkuscarf (fyi- my first FO in the knitting world) as I appreciated it’s warm llama goodness wrapped ever so jauntily around my freezing neck! 

So anyway… it was a good day and I look forward to our next LR outing!


*It is possible that someone may have read my earlier “snarky” version of this post.  I decided to un-snark it since it’s quite possible that someone might google Land Rover Carolinas and come up with my tongue in cheek narrative.  For the record we had a great time and all the LR Carolinas staff were great, you’ll notice that I spoke highly of their enthusiasm (see video section) and they were exceedingly kind to our children and us as well.  Seriously, if you want to feel like a “celebrity” go to a LRC event.  There were photogs, catering, gift bags… heck all they needed was a red carpet, but then that might be overkill.

3 thoughts on “LandRover Carolinas Fall 2008 Outing*

  1. Shea

    Christine- I wish they had held the event the previous week as the leaves were at peak, but it was still quite lovely!

    Mala- It was soooo much fun! Particularly the weird obstacles! I have a pic that one of the staff took of us going through the big rut section where we only have 2 tires on the ground and they’re at really wonky weird angles! The kids loved the teeter-totter the best by far though!


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