Thank you Mia!!

Sometime back I wrote about going to a Cuban restaurant locally and Mia kindly offered to send me a few recipes so thatI could make similar dishes at home.

Last night I made the Flan recipe that Mia had sent me.  It. Was. AWESOME!!!

I made them in little half pint jars purely because I needed to send Jim his at work and that’s the easiest way to get it there without a mess. When I make it again I won’t put quite so much in each cup as one pretty much fed us all!!

Xander LOVED it!

This pic cracks me up!

Beckett loved it too… he’s just lots neater! 

Thanks again Mia for sending the recipes!  Jim was sharing bites of his flan at work and everyone was jealous!  Although it might’ve been confusing because I sent him Cantonese Boneless Chicken for supper and Flan for dessert… didn’t you mention something about Chino-Cubano cuisine??

One thought on “Thank you Mia!!

  1. Mia

    I am so very glad everyone enjoyed it! You did a great job usually it doesn’t turn out that beautiful color for newbies. The pictures are wonderful and were thanks enough. As for chino-cubano food a typical meal would be the boneless chicken you mentioned except they call it chicarron de pollo. It’s typically served with either rice and beans or fried rice, sweet plantains on the side and a salad. Dessert of course is flan.


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