First Attempt: Sewing a Skirt for Sophie*

So it may come as a small surprise to a few of you out there that I don’t really sew.  I enjoy designing and tweaking images for machine embroidry, but I’ve never really done much in the constructive side of sewing. 

After reading Amy Karol’s blog (and buying her book) and being inspired by Julie’s yearly costume creation for Kaedence, I decided to give it a go.  If it went well then great, if not, I’d only be out a few bucks.

So… when M and I went up to visit KKEPSM on Tuesday, we swung into MaryJo’s in Gastonia.  I picked out 3 prints that SCREAMED Sophie (this, this and this) and even found some of the infamous FOE.

Last night, after drinking way too much coffee way too late at night, I decided to give it all a go.

I think it turned out ok (and pictures will be coming along as soon as I locate the card holder thingy).  The hem is wonky but M’s going to show me how to fix it.  I totally LOVE the FOE for the waistband. 

Most importantly though, Sophie loves it and thinks it’s fabulous.   Of course now Dandy wants a skirt too. 


A couple things:  Yes it’s too long.  Like I said the hem is wonky and one of the reasons I left it so long was so that M could help me with the hem.  M’s a whiz at hemming.  
I know the FOE is totally not visible in this pic but it doesn’t look like much (particularly since it’s just the offwhite FOE as MaryJo’s only had white, black and offwhite). 
The hem is not as crooked as the pic seems to indicate.  Sophie was “modelling” and had one hip cocked sideways or something.
Yes, she’s standing on the table.

For a first “real” project I’m inordinately proud of it 🙂

* I realize that this is most likely my worst ever blog-entry.  When I find the card thing for the photo disk I’ll try to revamp… I’m definitely having an off day blog-wise but wanted to document my first real sewing attempt. 🙂

9 thoughts on “First Attempt: Sewing a Skirt for Sophie*

  1. Tina

    Grrr!! I cannot get the hang of FOE. I made a blouse with all that mod Matryoshka, Japanese fabric. Then, it came time for the FOE. Many screams later, it went into the UFO bin.

    Anyway, I checked out the website for that shop and it really is amazing. I think I need to come visit you!!

    I love Amy Karol!! Totally heart her.

    Have you made a lazy day skirt from the Oliver and S website? It’s a free pattern, and you can make one in about 30-45 minutes if you have everything all in front of you and an iron plugged in. I’ve made Suzannah about 5 of them. It makes me feel better about my sewing skills when I make one of these.

    Shea, let’s have a crafting retreat someday. NO KIDS!! Think of how much we could get done…



  2. Shea

    Tina! Thanks for reminding me about the Lazy Day Skirt! I had saved the link away and had forgotten all about it!

    About the FOE… I think it was a fluke. Normally I’m really OCD about things like that but I watched Amy Karol’s (totally heart her too) tutorial like 4 times in a row before doing it and that seemed to help. I fully anticipated being frustrated and was surprised when it turned out pretty much perfect.

    MaryJo’s is a serious quilters haven. It is pretty cool to walk their main floor with all the quilting fabrics arranged by color (and shades too)… although their staff leave a little something to be desired at times. They have a huge dress making department and it’s a hoot to go there during prom/beauty pagent/wedding season. There’s some seriously awesome seamstresses that go there for materials. They also have the coolest selection of embroidered “china” silk. Gorgeous stuff and they’re totally ok with getting 1/4 yd pieces. I’ve got a slew that I keep meaning to make into something… not sure what yet.

    Crafting retreat? No kids? I’m so there!


  3. Shea

    Andrea- bad thing is I’ve made her a new skirt every night for the past 3 nights and this morning she’s already picking out the fabric for tonight’s skirt! Aieeeeeeeee!


  4. Lori

    Your talents amaze me – and make me feel so lazy! I have had onsies to embroider for the past month now and cannot get motivated!
    I am going to have to come stay a week with you or something and soak it all in.


  5. Donna

    I had no idea you didn’t sew, Shea. I kind of had you pegged as a Jill of All Trades kind of woman. 😉 The skirt looks great. I’m sure Sophie is thrilled with it even if you don’t think it’s perfect. Little girls just love new clothes.


  6. Shea

    Yeah, I’ve always sort of relegated M to doing the sewing but decided to try my hand at it.

    I do sort of embrace that “Jill of All Trades” persona to some degree 🙂


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