Thanksgiving 2008

Aren’t my guys too cute sporting their turkey handprint shirts especially for Thanksgiving?  Sophie’s even matches her skirt… how’s that for planning? 🙂  Seriously though the kid’s loved their shirts and they were super cute!  I opted for glued on googly eyes and waddles which of course were promptly plucked off, but were cute while they lasted!!

Thanksgiving dinner (or more acurately supper by the time we got everything done) was a big hit.  We didn’t make a whole turkey this year, opting for just a half of a turkey breast.  It was delicious and made an excellent pan gravy. 

Sophie especially liked the gravy….

And apparently so did Kyle!

KKEPSM are here for Thanksgiving weekend and since we didn’t do any shopping today we just hung out around the house.  M made gingerbread cookies with the kids and then ended up swindling them into racking leaves (the woman’s tricky I tell you!).  I made MiBo and potstickers for supper which was excellent and very filling and very unTurkey, so much appreciated 🙂 

After supper we were sort of at a loss for what to do so while looking for something else I happened upon my face paints and much hilarity ensued!

Here’s everybody on the couch.

Spencer was so cooperative until right at the end… he made an excellent super hero!  Beckett has a thing for cat-faces so it was no shock that he wanted to be a cheetah/jaguar/leopard!

Peter wanted something simple so a pirate was right up his alley!  Xander wanted to be a knight… and a prince… I think he ended up looking a little more like the man in the iron mask though.

Elizabeth’s Ice Fairy turned out so great and I’m still struggling with Sophie’s butterfly… but it’s still cute.

I even did Kelly, but I don’t have a pic of that on my camera… she’ll have to send me her copy!

We rounded out the fun by having popcorn and hot chocolate.  It was a great evening and we were all a little sad when bath time rolled around and all the face paints went down the drain! 

Currently I’m trying to convince Sophie and Beckett that going to sleep is a good idea… Beckett’s made himself a nice little nest on my couch (complete with ‘Hog, Turtle and Puppy) and Sophie’s winding down with a couple battles on Eternal Sonata (her game Jim, not yours… I checked).  Xander’s sleeping with M and Peter tonight so I imagine he’s already off to dreamland!

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