Hay Day

Every year I think I mention how much I love having a “barn” (quotes there because I don’t have a traditional barn) full of hay at the start of the cold season. It’s sort of progressed from that at this point to having a barn full of hay all the time but regardless the onset of truly cold weather does make me start feeling a little antsy when the hay supply starts to dwindle. Last year there was insanity in the hay world with all the local producers (and we have many) having no hay at all. Imported hay was all the rage (and by import I mean from New York) and cost quite the pretty penny as well.

This year that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Hay is fairly plentiful and our favorite localish hay dealer had more than one mega-barn full so we made arrangements to go pick up a 100 bales.

Yesterday Jim and I made the trek to… ummm… I’m not sure the name of the town… out towards I-85 and 88 (that’s vague even for me!) anyway….

It was an amusing trip. Jim, who has been to the hay place before while I have not, got lost not once, not twice but three times, culminating with the hay guy himself insisting that we park it on the side of the road until he found us and lead us to his hay barn. It was not a good “man-day” for Jim… but luckily he’s not one of those guys that gets all in a twit about things like that and we had a good laugh (particularly thinking about what a good laugh the hay guy was getting out it… he’s a jovial man) and were quickly turned around the right way.

The “fun” thing about this hay guy is that he has all the fun toys. He loads all the hay with this super-duper-scary hay stacking machine that loads 8 or 10 (I can’t remember) bales at one time very neatly on to the trailer. While Jim dealt with the actual loading of the hay I belated noticed the dozen or more pecan trees ringing the barn yard and spent a few minutes picking up the biggest pecans I’ve seen recently. I got a whole 6. Yeah… I kept getting distracted… and I ate a couple too.

Anyway. We got the whole load sorted and tied down and then we were off for home. An hour later (no we didn’t get lost again) we pulled up at the “barn” and the decision was made to not unload it. Jim and M decided we’d unload it when Jim came in from school the following day (today) around noon. And I was happy with that, because I wasn’t in much of a mood to unload hay in the dark.

So I wake up this morning dreary looking skies and upon meeting M in the kitchen I discover that rain is forecast for noon.


So M went ahead and fed the animals (and unloaded 26 or so bales) before coming in to gather the troops (me and the kids) to go finish the job.  M pitched bales off the trailer and I stacked them.  Xander and Beckett worked really hard at being underfoot and Sophie scared us to death climbing on the hay still on the trailer. 

In the end the hay looked like this:

and I looked like this:

and the kids looked like this:
Notice the cow behind them. That’s Lucy the cow from my avatar.

This is Maudy, or Ms. Opportunist as I like to call her. We turned the cows out to eat all the scraps of hay around the barn and trailer. They had a ball and none of that hay went to waste which is always a good thing!

Anyway… even if we didn’t get to use Jim’s strong back to help stack hay, I’m still glad we got it all put up before the rain came (which it did). And if I get no other presents for Christmas, that 100 bales will do just fine 🙂

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