Anniversary #9

I know, I know, I didn’t post my usual anniversary post dedicated to Jim.  Lots of things were going on here.  First and foremost M took K and E to Washington DC as E’s Christmas present.  They left just before our anniversary so we were left with no child care, but that was ok because as it turned out we (minus Jim) were/are all sick.  So sick, in fact, that  Jim (he who never misses one day of work) called in sick twice because he knew I wasn’t capable of being medicated AND responsible for the children particularly since sinus meds knock me out and hype Sophie and Xander up (not a particularly good combo).


I had promised to embroider snowflakes on the hem of a dress for Julie and was (as usual) running behind.  So Jim in a burst of brilliance loaded the kids (and Martha) into the car and carted them off to get supper so that I could finish up the embroidery, which was much appreciated as just watching the machine sew was making me nauseated, adding the rambunctiousness of the children on top of that was sending me clean over the edge of all reason!

And in another burst of spousal understanding, Jim drove all the way to G’ville to pick up Indian food.  I always crave Indian when I’m sick… I think my body demands the spicyness to get well.  Anyway, I didn’t have a clue where he would end up going.  I surely didn’t think he’d drive 45mins to Saffron just to make me happy.

That’s love.  Seriously, I told Jim that even though we didn’t go out, even though I was sick, and even though it was IMMORTALLY pouring down rain, I think it was one of our best anniversaries ever. 

Oh and did you know Krispie Kreme doughnuts are FABULOUS with saag?  Seriously!

So anyway… what with all the prep to get M off to DC we didn’t have much time for shopping but I did manage to pick up a little fun gift for Jim.   Unfortunately, with all the rain, today was the first day that it was pretty enough to go out to fly it.  It was soooo much fun!  Although Sophie did take a hit in the elbow, and it buzzed the donkeys (who were determined to destroy it once it landed, but didn’t) and we nearly lost it to a tree limb, but it survived and the kids are begging to fly it in the house which isn’t going to happen.  I’ll try to get a video of it flying tomorrow. 

Let’s see what else?  Jim and I have developed a new “game” that I call apple fhoomping.  Basically you throw very soft apples from our back porch into the sheep paddock.  When the apple lands it goes FHOOMP! and explodes, and then the sheep all run up to devour all the little bits all over the ground.  Today while fhoomping I hit one of the turkeys.  Don’t worry, he’s ok. 

I know what you’re thinking we’re weird… which is probably true but still it’s lots of fun 🙂

5 thoughts on “Anniversary #9

  1. tapsalteerie

    Yeah, he’s a keeper 🙂

    Saag is spinach… curry? not sure how to categorize it… Usually I get saag paneer (paneer is a cheese kinda like tofu) or chicken saag… it’s delicious! all creamy goodness.

    Saffron describes it as “Boneless chicken cooked with spinach and flavored with freshly ground ginger, garlic and spices”


  2. Donna

    I came back to wish you a happy anniversary–late! Ours was 12/12, too. We went out for cheap Chinese–all 3 of us. It was a good time.


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