Christmas Recap

Wow!  I didn’t realize it’d had been quite so long since my last post.  I had meant to do a Christmas post prior to Sophie’s trip (more on that later), but somehow I didn’t manage to work it in.

So anyway!  Christmas was actually quite good this year.  Jim was off for Christmas Eve which made doing Santa presents so much easier!  We still ended up staying up to nearly 3am getting everything done, but it was sooo worth it!  We decided to wrap everything to slow down the kids present opening, which was a brilliant idea really.  They actually stopped and looked at everything instead of running from one toy to the next.

Check out Flickr for the photos, there’s too many to post here!!

Jim’s Dad and Judy spent Christmas morning with us.  We had a grand time with them here!  Jim’s Dad helped Jim feed which was great fun for Jim and we spent the better part of the morning in a mock Nerf dart gun battle!!  It was great fun!!

Jim’s Mom and Dan came over in the early afternoon which was nice.  The boys have loved their little mobile car playsets!  Sophie and I spent quite sometime coloring in her giant coloring book and the stickers, as always, were a BIG hit!

Unfortunately Kyle’s crew came down with a neverending stomach bug (which is why I posted the previous entry, as they kept saying they WOULD have a good Christmas regardless!!) and were unable to come down for Christmas, or the day after, or the day after or even the day after that!!! 

But, luckily, they did get better!  So Christmas ensued once again, only Jim, Sophie and I were not here as we were in DC (expect another post soon). 

All in all it was a brilliant holiday!  The kids are still playing hard with all their presents and we’re not yet willing to take down the trees as they’re just too pretty and we’re not ready to let go of the Christmas magic just yet.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Recap

  1. michelle

    If it were up to me…I would listen to xmas music all year and keep my xmas decorations up as long as humanly possible. We took ours down this weekend in preparation for our impending homestudy. I think you get marked off if your 2 year old starts eating parts of the xmas tree during your home visit! Glad you had a good xmas!


  2. michelle

    BTW is that Barbie and the Diamond Castle I see in Sophie’s hand? because I can totally sing all of the words to all of the songs in that movie (unfortunately). However, I must say that it is way better than many of the other Barbie movies I have had to watch.


  3. Shea

    Michelle- yes, it’s Diamond Castle… I can sing all the songs too. Believeee in allll I can beeee…. I agree it’s one of the better ones, although Rapunzel’s not too too bad.

    I’m always late in my Christmas spirit, so the trees tend to stay up far longer than most people. I started taking down a couple of the window decorations today and Sophie totally flipped out!

    Good luck on your homestudy… I remember maniacally cleaning and worrying about how the investigator would react to certain things in our house (such as the crate of 8 rescued kittens in the kitchen!!). I think I worried more than was necessary… but would be the same way all over again if we were in process.


  4. Donna

    With everything going on around here, the only decorations I had up were the ones in my character’s house in Animal Crossing. Depressing! I’m kind of glad Christmas 2008 is over because it was kind of bad for us, but I’m looking forward to Christmas 2009!!

    Your photos were precious! Christmas is so much fun when the kids are still little like yours are. It’s much different having a teenager at Christmas time.


  5. Shea

    Donna- We’re so into Animal Crossing it’s not funny. Jim and I both have it on our DS’s so we can go between the two cities… so much fun!! I caught a Stringfish! WooHoo!!

    Anyway… Christmas 07 was my bad year. This year looked like it was going to be iffy, but everything turned out fine. I tend to either be 1000% Christmas Cheer or -0…no real middle ground usually… so that made this year odd since I was pretty much middle of the road until right at the end…. here’s for positive change 🙂

    BTW, the sheep are doing great! Looks like we’ll move them into the big paddock as soon as they’re switched over to our feed.


  6. tapsalteerie

    Ivy- Hannah Andersson had all their Christmasy things on sale just before Christmas so I got all match happy! Sophie actually had matching pjs too, but she took them off before going to the tree. I’ve got to post a pic of them in their matching dala-reindeer sweaters (sooo cute!!).


  7. Michelle

    There is something so torture you kids about matching PJ’s…so I am totally doing it next year…I may even make Keith match too….Oh I can’t wait.
    Stay as far away from Barbi’s christmas carol as you can.


  8. Shea

    Michelle- The bad thing is I tried to get the matching PJs for Jim but his size was sold out! I did get PJ bottoms for me that matched, but next year I tell you, we’ll all be matchy matchy 🙂 Seriously… I was one of those people that said I’d NEVER do that (before I had more than 1 kid) and now I think it’s tooooo cute!!

    Too late about the Barb. Christmas Carol… already got it, already have the songs burned into memory.


    Although the bit with Chezzlewit (Chuzzlewick? whatever the cat’s name is) meowing Jingle Bells is sort of cute… sort of 🙂


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