2 thoughts on “The Washington Post- Pictures

  1. Rustin Banks

    This is Rustin Banks, creator of TheBlogFrog. Your blog appeared on my google alerts for “BlogFrog”.

    Unfortunately TheBlogFrog widgets don’t work on wordpress.com, just wordpress.org (you have to install wordpress on your own site). WordPress.com doesn’t allow any third party javascript widgets. Kind of a bummer- hopefully they change their mind. Let me check and see if there is another way to do it. Let me know if you have questions!

    Rustin Banks
    Creator of TheBlogFrog


  2. Shea

    Rustin- Thanks for the explanation. I read through WP’s FAQ and basically they won’t allow Javascript in a widgit… or something to that effect. I saw BlogFrog on another blog and thought it was so very cool. I keep forgetting to remove the widgit which is probably why I showed up on your alert.


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