-We officially survived our first week of Pre-K.  Xander, according to all reports, is behaving beautifully and having a grand time.  His only “problem” is that he can’t remember anybody’s name, except Ms.Sherry his teacher. 

-The first 2 days of Pre-K I got in trouble for not following the proper pick-up/drop-off rules.  I was pointedly reminded to not “exit my vehicle” at the loading zone (never mind Xander was unable to get INTO his seat and that there was only 1 car behind me).  I have since reconfigured the car seats so that they load him directly into his seat, alleviating my need to help him.

-Due to Xander’s new daily schedule, I am able to focus on Sophie’s school work without having to leave to break up squabbles between Xander and Beckett.  As such, Sophie’s school day has become much more structured and she has responded very positively to it.

-Sophie and I made an “inaugural-tree” in honor of the impending inauguration.  Yes, I may not be a Democrat, but I still respect the office of president.  It’s been an interesting current-events activity, although I do find it a tad bit un-nerving to have so many Obama pictures in my kitchen.  We attempted to add Cabinet members/nominees but my printer died and we haven’t been able to find any pics that were flattering in our local paper (seriously… have you seen some of the pics of Hill floating around out there??)

-We are finally making something like forward progress with Sophie’s insurance woes.  For those that don’t know, we have been fighting with our insurance to have language/speech therapy for Sophie.  We have been stonewalled, LIED TO, and run around.  Finally, at long last we are making headway and oddly enough it makes me feel a little unsettled. 

-It snowed yesterday morning.  All of maybe a quarter inch.  Just enough to scrape off the cars to make a snowball.  The kids had a blast!  It was all gone by noon.

-We have another snow “storm” forecast for tonight.  Last I heard we were supposed to get less than an inch.  Yes we bought milk (but then we were actually out and had to buy milk… but I hated to disappoint for those expecting the stereotype).  Didn’t buy bread though.

-Beckett pulled the old act like you’re taking a bite of food while actually dropping it down to the dog trick tonight at supper.  While I found it amusing that he thought he could get away with it (and he might have, had he not gotten so tickled with how clever he thought he was being), I did have to impose a punishment… no dessert 😦

-We renamed the new wether that joined us recently via Donald and Donna from Rebel to Warren in honor of a doctor that M used to work with.  They have exactly the same mannerisms and personality (in so much that one of them is a sheep) all our Warren needs is a bow-tie to complete to image! 

-Jim’s back in school, complete with clinicals.  It’s yucky, but at least it gets us one session closer to graduation.

-I have a cold 😦 but luckily the kids are asleep (thanks to Jim) and so I’m off to take meds and crash in the bed!

8 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Donna

    Congratulations to Xander on his debut in pre-school. I hope he enjoys it. Emily always has loved school. She’s such a social kid which has its ups and downs!

    So Rebel is now Warren? He’s a sweet little guy with his own quirks. When he was with us, he loved attention, but on his terms. I’d sit in the pen with him and Patty, and she practically jumped in my lap for loving. He was more subtle about it, butting me on the knee gently to remind me he needed his tickles. I miss those sheepies. Tell them former sheep mom says hello.

    Good luck with Sophie’s speeh/language therapy. I cannot imagine what an ordeal the whole insurance thing has been for you guys. Just remember to breathe and hopefully now the hard part is over.


  2. Michelle

    The only thing I hate more than insurance companies is stupid car line. I hate…hate….hate carline. Hate it. I hated it in pre-K and I hate it in Kindergarted and I will hate it for the rest of my life. While I do like the ability to drop my daughter off in front of school instead of lugging everyone in…I would like the option to bring my daughter in if I need to drop something off in the classroom or if I want to breifly talk to the teacher. My blood is starting to boil at thinking about car line….grrrr.


  3. Donna

    Ladies, I assure you car line does not get any better in middle school. It’s equally as annoying. However, if you survive elementary and middle school car lines, they pretty much go away by high school. I know, that’s not much consolation when your wee ones are just starting out. Just breathe deeply and the years will fly by. 🙂


  4. Shea

    Donna- Thanks for the well wishes… we’re now waiting on the school district to do their part and since one of the school board members (or former member?) is advocating for us, we’re hoping there is a quick resolution to the language therapy issue.

    Michelle- I’m growing to hate car line more and more each morning. Today I intentionally ran “late” so that I was the only car at drop off and the only car at pick up (everybody is there 10 mins early, so I aimed for exactly on time). I was able to briefly speak with the director but then a car pulled in behind me and I was instructed to move on. UGH!

    Donna (again)- I remember by JH and HS that car line wasn’t such a big deal, just a drop off… it’s the illusion of being a hands on “safety” issue with the pre-K car line. The director gets the kids out of the car and then turns them loose to find their way to their classroom. Xander told me the second day he got lost and ended up in some dark hallway (preK is at a church) but some one found him relatively quickly (which is good because he’s incredibly afraid of the dark). The pick up is funny too because you’re not allowed to buckle the kids in. You have to pull forward to a parking place (which is usually filled), it’s annoying because then the line gets held up by people backing out to leave! UGH! We spent an afternoon teaching Xander to quickly buckle his seat by himself (he could buckle it, just not quickly, so we worked on speed)… so now he can buckle himself in before we pull out off the church grounds. Silly thing to have to teach him, but it’s a life skill I guess 🙂


  5. Andrea

    I was wondering if you were going through the school district for her speech/language therapy, then I sw your comment. If you go through the school, why is your insurance involved? I’m just trying to figure it all out. AP was evaluated for speech and they said sh would meet criteria when she turned three through our school district. So we are just waiting until April to try again. Apparently, when they say “early intervention”, they really mean “not too early, wait just a little longer” 🙂


  6. Shea

    Andrea- Originally we were referred to a non-school district therapist but our insurance totally balked because of Sophie’s age. She’s also referred to group (social) therapy and the school district is “getting back to us” on that. The behavioralist that we (used to) go to didn’t want her to go to school-language-therapy as he felt it was sub-par. Of course at our last appointment he said Sophie was fat too (she looks the same as when you saw her at the beach…. yeah… fat…) so I’m really questioning his judgement coupled with his bullying tactics during the last appointment. Honestly at this point any therapy is a good thing and the school district has actually been very kind about working with us (so far). I was anticipating more flak, since we are homeschoolers, but… I don’t know… maybe our advocate explained? maybe they’re just being nice? maybe it’ll all go to heck? but at this point things seem to be positive.

    She is actually going to be re-evaluated by the SCDDSN as the school district rep thinks she’s been misdiagnosed PDD/ASD… It’s complicated. I wrote a blog entry on it but it’s so convoluted and LOOOOONG that I never published it.

    We’ve been struggling with Sophie’s therapy, or rather lack of therapy, for the past 2 years. The behavioralist was supposed to set up therapy through their advocate with the school district and at last update they were still “trying”… funny that less than a week after speaking to the advocate at our peds office we already have our referral sent off and should have an appt within a couple weeks. Behavioralist time table = 9+ months. Ped time table = about 1 month. Weird. FYI, the behavioralist we were going to is considered to be one of the premier b/d docs in the southeast. Seriously.

    Sigh… long winded I know, but I rarely talk about Sophie’s issues and when I do… it’s like breaking flood gates!

    Don’t get me started on the geneticist. That’s a whole OTHER nightmare. Insurance it TOTALLY refusing that one, even with our ped citing possible cardiac issues as the reason for testing. I didn’t mention all of that in my above post because the extended family would probably freak (they don’t read the comments). I don’t know how we’re going to wrestle with insurance about that one, but this is the 2nd doc that’s wanted to do genetic testing and it’s starting make us think it needs to be done. I keep having to fight the panic instinct whenever I start researching the things they want to rule out… it’s so scary. Basically her ped wants to rule out a couple different genetic disorders that have underlying cardiac issues that can result in sudden death. That $5000-$6000 for genetic testing doesn’t look so bad in that light. Mind you she has no cardiac abnormalities, so…. what do you do?

    Sorry… not intending to go on and on and on… like I said, I don’t talk about her issues with anybody so when somebody asks I tend to go all out… I need a sounding board!!


  7. Andrea

    Man, that is complicated! What does the school rep think is a more accurate diagnosis? Or is there even one at all? In TN, the school district has to provide therapies to children that are zoned there, even if they are homeschooled or in private school. So, hopefully, that will work out and at least you will be able to get started with something. The cardiac thing is scary, but why if she has no symptoms? It is so hard to be our children’s advocates sometimes! Especially when they don’t fit the mold, we have been there, too.


  8. Shea

    It’s the same in SC… they are legally bound to provide therapy for the children zoned there. I have great faith that will work out quickly especially with our advocate being a former school board member who’s just as steamed as we are at the behavioralist (her husband was Sophie’s ped when she was born so it’s sort of like a small world!)

    The school people think she may be a savant. DDSN will be testing for that as well for spectrum disorders. We were told to prepare for a long day (all day). By comparison the behavioralist gave Sophie one test that lasted about 15 mins.

    The cardiac thing is scary and while our ped downplayed it greatly, it’s still something that jumps to mind fairly often. She wants to do tests for Fragile X and some chromosome studies plus some other things…. Apparently there are a few “Social butterfly” genetic disorders that have underlying cardiac conditions and that concerns her (although she admitted that typically those have cardiac abnormalities).

    It’s overwhelming and I feel like I need a therapist just to process all that’s going on!!


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