Inaugural Ball Highlights

Tapsalteerie Farm hosted their first ever inaugural ball last night. 

Opting for an “everyman” theme the ball kicked off just before 9pm.  Due to some technical difficulties, music was provided via the random selector on the Farm’s iTunes Library.  The opening song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” seemed oddly appropriate.

No photos were taken as the ball managed to stay under the radar of the local paparazzi.

The guest list was ultra-exclusive, including an appearance by the single named improvisational bubble-artist “Dandy” and the serious, yet comically loveable Beckett.  Sophie arrived in a stylish, yet slightly risque turtleneck sans pants.  There was considerable buzz about whether Sophie was making a political statement or whether she was starting a new fashion trend.

The ball was short, ending at 9:30 due to many of the guests’  bedtime, but was an excellent success!  Hopefully this will become a post-election year tradition at the Farm.

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