Last night

I sat down to prep Sophie’s online school work this morning and discovered that she did all her assignments plus tests last night.  So today she’s having a bit of a free day as I don’t want to start next week’s work just yet.  So far she and Beckett are having a marvelous time playing Camping in one of the pop-up play tents upstairs.  They’ve made quite a nice little nest out of blankets and pillows and are both curled up watching a movie while periodically pausing to act out a scene.  Pirates… Arrrr!

Last night we had a small bit of excitement.  Well, perceived excitement anyway.  While I was out feeding the cats last night I heard one of my neighbor’s horses frantically neighing.  That usually means one of two things.  1- my horses are out or 2- her horses are out.  Of course last night M and Jim were both at work, Martha was asleep, the boys were asleep and Sophie, of course, was still wide awake.

So… I hooked Sophie up with the computer (thus her ability to complete today’s assignments last night) and attempted to call M or Jim.  I should stress ATTEMPTED as M was in a delivery (I think) and Jim was giving somebody an enema.  See I have this thing about walking around outside when I’m home alone after dark.  If I knowI have a horse out then I’m perfectly ok with it.  But if I only think I have a horse out then I get weirded out… blame it on our previous neighbor… his friends wigged me out.  Anyway.  So I finally get Jim on the phone and start my search for the horses, only to not be able to find 3 of them (they were asleep behind the run-in shed) and then not find Aimee (oddly enough) who was standing right out in the open where I should’ve been able to see her but couldn’t.  In the midst of all that I heard a car on the highway screech it’s brakes and then go thud.  A horse was hit and killed out there 9 years ago and as I hadn’t quite found all my girls yet I became slightly panicked.  So once I did find all my girls and accounted for the cows and sheep as well (and made sure the neighbor’s gelding wasn’t in our garden), I was so hyped up between the brisk air and the adrenaline that I couldn’t go to sleep.  Sophie had long since gone to bed, thankfully, but I was wide awake.  1am came and went.  2am passed and finally nearing 2:30 I finally crawled into bed. 

At 2:45 Sophie started coughing and sputtering, so I was up again to find her medicine and then I crawled, now tired, back into bed.  Only to wake up again with a slightly hyped-up Sophie on my hands. 


It was touch and go all night.  I think I managed to get a total of 2 hours sleep, broken up over the night.  I woke up just before the alarm clock at 7:30 and groused around in bed until 8 which made getting Xander ready for school more of a rush than I really like.  Luckily today was “Donuts with Dad Day” so Jim, who had come home slightly early and had slept a couple hours, handled the drive to school. 

Now, 2 cups of coffee (Santa’s Snowball to be exact) into my morning, I’m feeling a little more alert and ready to face the day, although a nap really sounds good too.

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