Why is it?

Why is it when I’m so flippin’ angry that I could spit nails nobody will answer the phone?  Hmm?  Why is that ya reckon?

I just picked Dandy up from school.  When I read his little “this is what we did this week” flyer thingy I read:

“playing at the McDonald’s PlayPlace was a big hit” 

O.M.G.  Are you for real? 

We, who pain ourselves on eating cleanly, who spend WAAAYYY more $ on eating organic and additive free foods than is comfortable, who have spent considerable time teaching our children about the importance of the foods they put INTO THEIR BODIES, who feel strongly about supporting small local businesses instead of MEGA-corporations, DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THAT!

When I asked Xander why he didn’t tell me about it, he told me “I knew you’d be mad Mommy” and oh boy yes I most certainly am… but not at him.  We sat down and talked about how I was displeased with the school for not telling me they were going there and reaffirmed that he was a good boy.  Buoyed by his not-getting-into-trouble, he told me they also have been eating LITTLE DEBBIE CAKES and COOKIES. 

That knocking sound you heard just a bit ago… that was my head repeatedly hitting the table.  Hard.

They are soooo getting a letter on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Why is it?

  1. michelle

    I can’t believe they took a field trip without a permission slip and driven by parents! What if something would have happened you would have had no idea where he was!


  2. Shea

    Michelle- The school required us to sign a “cover-all” permission slip for trips. It was my understanding that the parents were informed ahead of time of the field-trip… however that doesn’t appear to be the case. Apparently they have the option to take the kids where ever they want to without telling the parents, which makes me feel very, very uncomfortable. I know kids aren’t required to sit in carseats on buses, but it still makes me very, very uncomfortable. Particularly since I was offered no say in the matter. NEVERMIND my whole issue with McD’s!! Xander is officially our only child to have ever been inside a McDonalds, and that’s doesn’t make me happy.

    I’m also quite upset at what they have been feeding the kids. I was told when I was interviewing the teachers and director that the kids were offered cups of dry cereal and juice or water. I was fine with that as I really didn’t think Xander needed a snack at all (he eats breakfast at 8:30 and lunch at 12). Now I find out that they’re offering free choice cookies and cakes and cupcakes and doughnuts and it’s just mind-boggling!! Why do they need to sugar up the kids? Poor Xander has never had so much sugar in his whole life and it’s starting to explain some of the erratic behavior we’ve been dealing with. Crazy highs (over emotional, hyper-activity, resistance to authority complete with biting and throwing punches) followed by incredible crashes (3 hour naps, grogginess, grumpiness).

    Tuition for next month is due on Monday and right now I’m thinking we’re going to have a serious talk with the director before agreeing to another month. It’s sort of an uncomfortable situation since the director is the mother of one of my cousins and a different one of my cousins is Xander’s co-teacher. I already have a reputation as eccentric… I guess this will seal the deal!


  3. Mia

    As a parent it’s your right to decide what they should be eating etc. Maybe you should pack his snack so he won’t feel left out when the other kids are wolfing down the sugar?


  4. Shea

    Mia- His first day of preK I sent a snack consisting of dried apricots and a couple little ginger cookies. I was informed that I was not allowed to send his own personal snack unless I sent enough for all 20 kids. I found it annoying, but gave in (my mistake) because I felt the social interaction was more important and I was falsely under the impression that he was being offered a small cup of dry cereal as snack.


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