What do you mean “A-ADD”?

Nothing Earth-shattering going on here.  Xander did a “mock” up of pre-K this morning with me and he loved it.  He suggested that maybe he could just stay home with me and Sophie and do schoolwork.  I’m holding off judgement until tomorrow when I’m hoping I’ll be far enough removed from the incident to be more level-headed.  Of course the fact that M’s started calling Xander “Mickey D” isn’t helping.  And at least now I have a fairly good idea how we got this horrid cold.  Oh and upon further inquiry Xander informed us that the PlayPlace was fun, but “icky” as there was POOP in one of the tower things.  POOP.  Yeah.  Great.

Deep breath in…. exhale….



I’m planning on making a restorative batch of minestrone today.  Nice happy, additive and preservative free soup. 


I’m telling you I can’t get away from the whole LITTLE DEBBIE CAKE thing either.  I can feel my hair starting to stand on end and my elbows are itchy.  That’s sooo not a good thing.

So anyway, SOUP.  I’m making SOUP today and hopefully some kind of bread.  M’s been on this incredible bread baking spree and it’s been heavenly.  I’m going to start angling for more of the cinnamon bread that she made.  She used to make it when I was younger but now with Vietnamese Cinnamon… it’s ohhhh so much more addictive! 

Of course now I want sticky buns, and that requires brioche, that requires butter.  Hmph.  Did I mention I miss having a cow in milk?  Did I also mention that every time I say that M and Jim glare at me as they were the ones that milked said cow?  But doesn’t making butter and cheese count for something???

OK.  M’s conceded that a milk ANIMAL would be nice, but she’s angling for a goat. 


Say Goat Cheeeeeese!!!!

I miss Flossie.  She was such a hammerific goat, complete with Nefertiti-esque goat boobies.

Apparently I need to lay off the cold meds and the flavored coffees this morning.  Geez…

Goat boobies… *snort*

4 thoughts on “What do you mean “A-ADD”?

  1. Michelle

    Poop?! Did I tell you the story of how Lilianna was attacked by red ants at the indoor McDonald’s playplace? It was really great too. I just noticed your improv with the link to my blog…very nice…technically we are tied.


  2. Mia

    Poop? what kind of god foresaken Mickey D’s is this? Ewww. I don’t see how they can justify feeding the kids Little Debbies. I can’t handle the stuff it’s too much sugar for me and i’m an adult!


  3. Donna

    Are you sure it was poop? Little kids that age sometimes think anything is poop. Those Play Places are just germ breading grounds, though. Seems like when Em was little, every kid in her class wanted to have a birthday party either at McD’s or one of those indoor kids play things with the climbing tunnels and ball pits. Yuck!

    As for Little Debbie, I always want them to be so good and tasty, and they just aren’t. Disappointing. If we want a treat, I try to bake something myself.


  4. tapsalteerie

    All- Yes it was poop. When I quizzed Xander about it at length he finally said “Moooom, I KNOW what POOP is! It’s brown and STINKS!” And in his defense, he has been instrumental in helping Beckett learn to poop in the potty, so I’m inclined to believe him. Also the Little Debbie thing… YUCK! Like Donna, I want them to be good and they’re just icky, I’d much rather bake my own. One of the things that I find upsetting though, is that Xander used to prefer fruit to sugar-treats and now he’s showing a preference for cookies and cakes which I think it a peer-influenced thing… all the other kids are eating it so it must be good right? Xander is a follower unlike Sophie and Beckett who tend to be stubborn about their individuality.

    Michelle- RED ANTS? No Way! Beckett got into red ants back during the summer and he still has the marks on his poor little feet 😦

    Donna- I have never taken my kids to McD. I don’t care how Americana it is, I just don’t like it. Luckily (??) I’ve already gotten a bit of a reputation for eccentric ideals so when we’ve been invited to parties at McD’s or Chuckie Cheese or similar, the parents always know we won’t be coming but will drop by with a gift some other time.


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