Beckett’s Birthday

Yesterday was Beckett’s 3rd Birthday!  Unfortunately Sophie and I spent half the day in G’ville going to a doc appt (I’ll attempt a post later about that visit, I’ve retold it so often though that I don’t think I can do it written justice.  Simply put, it was HILARIOUS!) and then to have blood drawn (Sophie was a real champ about the whole thing and did great!).  I had been under the impression that the trip to the doc would involve a quick blood draw and that was it (I’ve become accustomed to short visits) but this time we were there for HOURS and then had to wait some time for the labwork as well.  So by the time we had lunch (my promised bribe to Sophie for good behavior) and had run a couple errands it was well after 2 before we were back home. 

I didn’t make it around to wrapping his presents, but he loved them nonetheless!  And of course I didn’t take pics (we all look like death warmed over… Beckett was rocking a hair style not unlike this, though maybe a bit shorter).  This year I remembered to buy a tiny present for Sophie and Xander as well to cut down on the resentment factor… which worked out great until Xander lost his.  Lots of tears this morning… LOTS OF TEARS!

Unfortunately all the kids are still suffering from a nasty sinus bug, so I was trying to think of something soothing and palatable to everyone for supper when Beckett piped up with PIZZA!  he wanted PIZZA!! for his birthday!  So we made a couple calls to friends and family and ended up meeting Jim’s Mom and Dan at Mellow Mushroom.   The whole ride over he bellowed PIZZA! from the backseat, as though we were going to forget!  Anyway, MM was not so busy and the kids, as usual, loved it.

I’m hoping to make a cake today, so keep an eye out for update… I’m not sure I’ll go so fancy as last year’s cake… but who knows what will happen… Beckett’s only directive has been CAKE!

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