About a year or so ago I began searching for a very specific pencil for Sophie.  I talked about it at great length here

Well… sometime last year I got an email from Russell at Nota-Bene  saying that the Lamy ABC was discontinued but he told me about a different pencil, that was similar, but not the Lamy ABC.  I was interested… but for whatever reason I didn’t buy it.

This evening I received another email from Russell explaining that he had recently gone to Europe and had seen the 3.15mm pencil that I had originally wanted and thinking of me bought all the ones he could find.  Can you believe it?

I’ve ordered 2.  I may order more.

Oh, and if you didn’t link across to my old post about the 3.15mm pencil… if I had ordered it from Skripta-Paris (in France) it would’ve been about $65-70 what with all the shipping.  From Nota-Bene it’ll be somewhere around $35. 

I haven’t told Sophie yet… I think I’m going to wait and let it be a surprise 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable!

  1. Donna

    That’s great that you found the pencils. I’m actually pretty fussy about the kind of pens I use and the color of ink. I don’t write much with pencils. Emily and I both have a thing for office supplies. She’s fussy about pencils because of her art work.


  2. Shea

    I’m super fussy about my pens! Jim just got me a Pelikan 600 that is fast becoming my most favorite writing instrument EVER! I love inks too, and I’m rapidly amassing an admirable ink collection 🙂

    Sophie will most likely use her new pencils for drawing and sketching too. They shipped out yesterday, so hopefully they’ll be here soon!


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