Taken To Task

Jim has expressed hurt feelings that I have not gushed over my belated Christmas present or my slightly early Valentine’s present (don’t go thinking we’re all into materialistic gift giving… we’re not… we just have unusual timing).

So anyway… back over the holidays, while we were in DC, we found a lovely, charming, delightful and excellent (yes it deserves all those) pen shop called Fahrney’s.  We ended up breezing through the shop as it was closing one night (literally got there 5 mins before closing and while the sales lady was most helpful, she did pointedly inform us several times that she had a 2 hour commute to home).  I ended up trying out a Pelikan 600 fine nib (it’s blue like the second one, but is a fountain pen) that I absolutely fell in love with, but didn’t purchase.  I loved that pen and it killed me to leave it there, as I felt fairly certain it would remain there until someone else bought it.

I did, however, purchase a Lamy Vista  fountain pen (because everyone needs one) and a Lamy ABC fountain pen that matches the pencil that is en route from Canada.  Both write reliably if a bit wet and we greatly enjoy them.

I also was able to purchase one of those elusive Clairefontaine notebooks and I’m sorry to say that I’m completely hooked!  How badly do you ask?  Weeeelll…. I love to doodle on the paper… practicing handwriting etc… but then I’ve wasted a whole sheet with meaningless scribbling… so during a water-fast ink test* (yes I know, it reeks of dorkdom) I discovered that my favored inks are not waterproof (bummer) but that the paper, after drying out was completely usable!!  Yeah! 

So anyway, I love the paper so much so that I ordered a whole pack of it from Nota-Bene… but I digress.

Anyway.  Turns out, Jim had a surprise in store!  Secretly and with much subterfuge, he ordered the Pelikan and presented it to me as a belated Christmas gift.  How great is that?  Diamonds? no thanks, Jewelry? too flashy, Fountain Pen? You betcha!

So yeah, I’ve been pretty obnoxious about it.  I think I’ve re-inked it at least 4 times (each time a different color… currently it’s inked up with J.Herbin Bleu Myosotis).

So, being all aglow with happiness, I totally missed Jim pointedly asking me about certain pens and which did I happen to like.

Due to a miscommunication with M, I found out about a package for Jim waiting at the hospital (sneaky having it sent there instead of here!).  I was exceedingly curious, but Jim didn’t seem to be concerned, which of course made me all the more curious! 

So taking pity on me (and because the surprise had already been blown) he let me have my Valentine’s Day present a week early 🙂  This time it was an Aurora Ipsilon extra-fine nib fountain pen, red with a sterling silver cap.  Red for Valentine’s Day naturally 🙂  It’s currently inked with J.HerbinRose Tendresse and while not as expressive as the Pelikan, still writes like a dream. 

I’m having a hard time deciding which pen to write with!  Currently they are both sitting here with me at the computer, just waiting for me to find something important enough to jot down 🙂


*I was doing a water-fast test to see if the inks would wash off as you are only supposed to use waterproof (or bomb-proof) inks for official signatures (checks, documents, etc).  Unfortunately all my J.Herbin inks more or less washed away with just water, so I guess I’ll have to save official work for the Retro… or re-ink the Phileas with Noodler’s Zhivago.

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