Seedlist 2009 -part 1 Bakers Creek

Ahhh that time of year again.  After weeks of perusing all those lovely seed catalogs, decisions have been made, seeds chosen, and orders placed!  All is good!  So, as usual, I’ll be listing this year’s garden contenders… why? because invariably I lose my paper with them all listed and can’t remember!  It’s true! 

This year most all of our seeds are coming from Bakers Creek, the same company that we used for most of our seeds last year.  We have a good many seeds that we saved from last year so I’ll post them later as we plant them as I can’t even remember what we have exactly!!  But here’s what I recently ordered:

Pantano Romanesco
Cosmonaut Volkov
Break O’Day
Hazelfield Farm

Tomatoes- Cherry

Tomatoes- Orange
Woodle Orange

Aunt Ruby’s German Green

Tunisian Baklouti

Emerald Giant
Red Cheese- these are EXCELLENT pickled!
Red Belgium
Doux D’Espagne

Galeux d’Eysines
Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

Triomphe de Farcy- this is a haricot verts type green bean
Roma II- this is a flat Romanesco type green bean
Henderson’s Bush Lima- this one’s a… well… lima bean

Beets– I love beets.  Love. Love. Love.  Maybe my favorite root veg.
Flat of Egypt

Lady Peas
Rice Peas

Boston Pickling
De Bourbonne

Litchi Tomato

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix
Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Mix

Tropeana Lunga
Yellow of Parma
Jaune Paille Des Vertus

Sorghum-I believe that M has grown sorghum before.
Honey Drip

Giant Noble

Rosellebeautiful plant!!
Red Roselle

Black Beauty
Crookneck Early Golden Summer Squash

Genovese Basil
Chinese Chives Mixed
Wild Zataar Oregano

Arikara Sunflower- it has edible seeds and is very pretty. .
Orange Hawaii Marigold- according to the catalog, you can feed the flowers to chickens to brighten the yolks… we’ll let you know how that goes.

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