Makes Me Happy

Here’s a few, non-family things, that make me exceedingly happy right now.

Turn your volume way, way up for this one.  The first time I heard it I made everybody in the house come listen to it.  Yeah, they thought I was weird too… but it’s truly a lovely sound.  Old Corner Stables Stallion 09  Nevermind that he’s a lovely horse.

This one… well really I have no words.  I know I hear 5 different versions of this everyday… but this one in particular amuses me to no end.  I think it’s the snorting.  I’d love to have it as a ring tone… or ring back tone, THAT would be hilarious!  Mules and Moore.  Incidentally this is the same farm where we got Fantine and Tanna. 

Bluet.  Yeah, that little, itty bitty, weed.  It’s one of my favorite flowers.  It grows all over our pastures… well not all over… but in enough places to make it visible.  I just noticed today that it’s already blooming.

Daffodils.  I know… an obvious one… but what says SPRING better than heady bright yellow flowers?

The whole seed planting ritual.  Every year M and I plant the seeds for the garden together.  Except I never really plant anything.  I sit with a pencil and paper recording every type of seed and the date it was planted and any other pertinent info.  Why?  I don’t know.  I think because it helps burn that info into my brain so I can remember it 2 years later!  Regardless, I love the whole tradition of it.

Shopping for a milk cow.  Yeah.  Milk. COW.  Our fourth one no less.  Why does this make me happy?  That’s easy… BUTTER.  And the cheese isn’t bad either.

Writing with my pens on good paper… changing the inks on a whim.  Infecting Jim with the pen and ink bug so that he’s becoming just as obnoxious 🙂

Watching our resident Red Tail Hawk.  They are so beautiful.  The way they spiral higher and higher until you can’t even see them… it’s amazing.  Check out this site for some incredible photos of Kyrgyz eagle hunters.

Talking to the sheep.  Ever since I read Three Bags Full by Leonie Swann I have been trying to imagine which of the sheep are most like the characters in the book.  Lyle is a dead ringer for Mopple the Whale hands down!  I enjoy the sheep and their quirky personalities and they never fail to make me laugh with their antics and serious, yet sheepy, faces.

The turkeys.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but everybody needs a flock of turkeys.  There’s nothing more satisfying than to gobble at them and have them gobble back.  I don’t know why… it just is.  I can’t pass by them without gobbling to them.  Even when I’m frustrated and annoyed, I’ll find myself gobbling to them before I’ve even registered the idea to do so and their gobbled response never fails to crack me up. 

Well… just making that list made me happy.  It’s nowhere near a complete list… but it definitely hits on some of the good ones.

2 thoughts on “Makes Me Happy

  1. Donna

    Our daffodils were popping up the other weekend when it snowed in the upstate and was just danged cold here. I keep thinking I want to plant more bulbs but never remember to do that until it’s too late.


  2. Shea

    Ours were blooming too and looked sorta funny with the snow all over them… but it didn’t seem to hurt them… the snow melted and they revived beautifully! The biggest problem now is getting the kids to leave them alone long enough to actually bloom!! Evidently I need to plant a cutting garden just so they can pick the flowers!


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