Introducing Maisie

About a week ago I found an ad in the GA Market Bulletin* for Jersey cows.  We called, only to find out that all the cows were gone, BUT the guy who ran the ad was an amateur cow dealer (not in the bad sense) and had lots of connections in the dairy industry and felt certain that he could find us a “Springer” Jersey (Springer is dairy lingo for about to calve).  A couple days later he called back to say that he’d found a prime A quality Jersey that was due any day and were we interested.  Of course we were and we made plans to immediately go pick her up.

Only turns out our cow man has a conscious.  He wouldn’t let us come pick up the cow until he had observed her for a few days to make sure she was indeed the prime quality that he’d told us.

So Tuesday afternoon we loaded the Rover, hooked up the trailer and headed down to Elberton to meet our new cow.  She was indeed the quality we had anticipated and seemed to have a winning personality as well.  We were quite pleased with her and after a brief scuffle loading her up, we were bound for home.  We had thought about several different Irish names (it being St. Pats and all) but in the end we settled on Maisie.

Maisie loaded up and ready to go.

Here she is all loaded up and ready to go. 

So we got her home and unloaded into her new paddock and settled in for the night, but not before noticing that she was licking her sides and showing some signs of early labor.  Interesting…

Next post: Meet Dessie.

*Market Bulletins are a great way to find local livestock or plants.  The GA bulletin is free to view, but the SC one requires you to buy a subscription (whopping $10/year) to view the most recent bulletin… past bulletins are free to view.  I try to regularly read the bulletins as you never know what’ll pop up!

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