Meet Dessie

 First Steps cropped
Dessie’s First Steps

So obviously I didn’t post right away as I had planned.  Turns out Dessie is what the cattle people call a “dummy” or “silly” calf, meaning he didn’t have a suck-reflex.  We tried leaving him with Maisie but after we were sure that he was not eating we decided to step in to help him and to keep Maisie from developing any udder complications.

We moved him from the cow paddock to the back porch (hey, at least it wasn’t inside… we have a history) so that we could keep a close eye on him.  I’ll tell you, moving 60lbs of unwilling calf  isn’t easy.  When I attempted to pick him up he went all limp and boneless so that it was impossible to keep a hold of him so we ended up piling him into the back of the Polaris and trucking him down to the house.  Getting him onto the porch wasn’t so hard, but luckily Jim was here to do that. 

Maisie, being used to a dairy setting, wasn’t particularly upset that we took wee Desmond, she looked for him briefly and then went back to munching her hay.

Anyway, it took several days of back-breaking work but by golly that calf will suck a bottle now.  He’s quite the imp, cavorting all around his little calf pen, sucking on people’s pants when they turn their back unexpectedly.  He still has his great big giant ears, but he’s the cutest thing.  No horns too!  Must come from his 1/4 Holstein… I’m thankful for that!

We named him for Sophie’s b&d doc…. partly because he’s Irish and we picked Maisie up on St. Patrick’s Day and partly because of … well, let’s just leave it at the Irish thing 🙂

Here’s a pic taken on Saturday by Julie:

Kaedence and Desmond

Kaedence and Desmond

6 thoughts on “Meet Dessie

  1. Donna

    Oh my gosh is he adorable or what?? I love the photo of him with Kaedence. (Beautiful name on that little lady, too.)

    Shea, really, if you had taken Dessie into the house, I don’t think one person reading your blog would be surprised. You do have a reputation, you know! 😉


  2. Shea

    Donna- I KNOW! I’ve had goat-kids, lambs, a donkey and a pony in the house (the pony was totally the kids doing by the way) along with the more normal cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, turtles and squirrels. Ok so squirrels aren’t that normal. And let’s not forget the Easter bat… but that was more of a pest than a pet 🙂

    Looking at that list, I probably should’ve brought him in the house!!


  3. Shea

    Mia- LOL… Srsly, you don’t think you’d be able to do the farm thing? I know the city thing would send me to the mad house! Just your descriptions of bus-rides gives me heart palpitations!!! 🙂


  4. Sheri Dills

    Shea, love Dessie! And I swanee, your descriptions of people in Earth Fare that day are beyond reason-poor M, to be sat upon and pushed. Y’all have great manners because I wouldn’t have been quite that calm.
    Miss your post on CWA webboard, too.


  5. Shea

    Sherri- Thanks for the comments! Dessie is a sweetheart… I’ll be posting new pics of him (and the new lambs!) soon.

    EF was a nightmare!!! It’s funny now, but at the time…


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