One-Line-Updates (more or less)

-Maisie is doing excellently.  She’s giving very close to 6 gallons of milk every day.  Jim and I have taken to milking together to speed up the milking process.  He milks one side and I milk the other.  We had our first teat-tiff this morning because he kept squirting milk on my fingers.  I only retaliated once and then Maisie voiced displeasure and we resumed normal sane behavior.  I started milking with Jim after he said I should be more involved in the whole milk process… as if carrying 30+ lbs of milk all the way down from the cow barn twice a day, pouring it up, making butter (cheese, sour cream, buttermilk etc) wasn’t enough… apparantly I need to be more “hands on”.  Hmph.  Actually I don’t mind. 

-Sophie had her first experience milking and did really well!  See photos to the left in the Flickr thing.  She was actually mad at me for not allowing her to do more… maybe next time!

-M’s birthday is Monday… everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY M!!!

-I made mozzarella cheese with fair success… better than the paneer that I scorched (eww…).

-I made a sour cream pound cake out of our own butter and sour cream (and eggs too).  It is delicious!

-Zenzi is doing well although still has issues with sucking a bottle.  She won’t take the bottle until you force the nipple in her mouth and then she sucks just fine.

-Desmond is growing by leaps and bounds!  He’s still in his “awww he’s so cute” stage.  I need to take more pics of him.  He thinks I’m his mama… everytime he sees me he runs up to the fence and starts licking his lips!

-No new lambs yet.  I was fairly certain that we would see some lambs this past week, but nothing.  This week is looking good though!

-Zeke will be going in with the ladies in another week or so.  He (and they) are very eager to get acquainted!

-We’ve put in an order for Poulet Rouge type poultry.  Our chicks will be arriving sometime in/after May.  We’re excited to experience these high quality birds.  20 will be replacement layers and the rest are for eating. 

-We also have duck and turkey eggs in the hatchers right now.  These will also be for eating.

-M, with the “help” of Dandy and possibly Jim, planted onions and I think strawberries in the garden.  M has just started transplanting her seedlings… look for Flickr pics soon.

-Xander and Beckett are doing well.  Xander still tries to reason his way out of mischief (I tease that he’s going to be a lawyer) but Beckett inevitably rats on him!

-Xander’s Southern accent has deepened considerably… Beckett still speaks in “3-year-old-ese” but is starting to drawl out a few words.  It’s a bit alarming.

-Sophie has so much going on with her “issues” that I don’t even know where to begin.  We now have an “advocate” at the peds office who is helping to point us in the right directions concerning therapy and the best courses of action.  It is overwhelming to say the least.

-For those who knew that Sophie had genetics testing done- the results came back confirming that the only thing genetically wrong with Sophie is that Jim and I passed on our eccentric genes.  Seriously.  That’s what the geneticist said.  Seriously.  I’m not kidding.  He said “you are eccentric, eccentric people tend to marry eccentric people and then have eccentric kids….”  I really like the geneticist.  He’s kinda out there too.

-The shearer is supposed to be coming sometime… but when?  Who know!

-And that’s about it.  I’m waiting on the cow guy to call me back but I need to be out working on the sheep barn.  At least two of the children are at large on the property and Beckett is clingy… looks like it’s going to be a fun day 🙂

5 thoughts on “One-Line-Updates (more or less)

  1. Donna

    Happy Birthday, M! My grandma’s birthday is on Monday, too.

    So, Shea. Eccentric. What excactly does that mean? Does it mean you guys are just really interesting and not boring? Does it mean that you do things you enjoy with your life and to heck with what the “norm” is? By the way, these comments are meant to be complimentary. I think you have a fascinating family, and sometimes I envy you getting to live on a farm and all that. Then, I think about snakes and how they love chicken houses and I am really thankful to be kind of a city girl! ;P


  2. Shea

    LOL Donna! I think I tend to take a complimentary view on “eccentric”… we definitely do our own thing 🙂

    I’m slowly overcoming my snake phobia, I almost touched the little one we found while doing the cow fencing!

    It’s the poisonous ones that I think I’ll not see but step on anyway that upset me!


  3. Shea

    Holly- he was probably one of the best docs that Sophie’s ever seen. Hands down.

    Mia- Sophie’s been using pan pastels recently. She seems to like them as she asks for them over the paints… but it could just be a mood thing. She’s been doing a lot of drawing recently (complete with stories or journalling) which has been hilarious! I need to post some of them.


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