The latest thing… with lots of sighs.

Anyone that’s had the barest of conversation with me over the last week or so knows that I’ve been searching for a couple weaner pigs for the farm.  What with all the excess whey and butter-milk (not buttermilk like you drink but the left over liquid from when you make fresh cream butter) and the various farm and garden and kitchen “waste” a pig is becoming a necessity.

And not just any weaner pigs.  I want Tamworths.  One would say I’m Hell bent on the Tamworths.  Must.Have.Tamworths!!

Of course I called all the SC breeders listed on the Tamworth Swine Associationsite (all of 2, one of which isn’t doing pigs anymore) and was informed that there would be no pigs until the Fall.  So I put my name down for the Fall farrowing (or at least I hope I did, I haven’t heard back from that breeder to know for certain).  Fortunately one of the breeders gave me the number of another, non-registered breeder and I called them, but they don’t sale weaners, but would make an exception and sale me an older pig for the “low-low” price of $300.  That’s pretty serious money, so I said no.


So I finally found, via a couple leads (and Craigslist… who knew?), a fellow with Tam cross pigs.  I called, found that he still has the piggies and put my name in the hat for a couple (or 3).  They aren’t weaned yet, so that adds a degree of uncertainty.  From what I’ve learned in my immersion pig-study, piglets don’t always survive weaning.  Sometimes with the best of animal husbandry, the animals just don’t survive.  So we’re doing the “wait and see” plus we’re not the only peeps on the list waiting.


So, I did what any other possessed person does and proceeds to call every breeder in a 400 mile radius.  So far, no answers, but then it’s a Monday and most people are at work.  Left lots of messages though!   So we’ll see what happens… hopefully something.

I did find out from the TamX man that he has Yorkshire/Duroc crosses so that may be an option as well… I just really wanted the Tams.


But then I got to thinking that one of the other heritage breeds would be good too.  Closest Berkshire breeder is in CHICKAMAUGA GA!  EEK!  That’s almost in Alabama. 

So I tried Mulefoot Hogs.  Closest breeder is in Hildebran NC.  I called, no answer, no answering machine.


I’m —><— close to giving up. 


But then I think about bacon.  And fat netting (aka caul fat).  And sausage.   And lard.

GASP!! Did I say lard?

And pork chops and pork loin and all those good golden bits of wonderful.

So I guess I’ll wait it out and see what happens.  But in the mean time… if anybody hears about Tamworths (or other heritage breeds) for sale somewhere let me know!

2 thoughts on “The latest thing… with lots of sighs.

  1. Robin

    I know the lady we bought ours from still has some from teh same batch, but I don’t know if you really want to come to New York for some Tamworths. Havee you checked the feedstore bulletin boards? called the county extension?, the 4-h group?, the pennysaver? craigslist? country folks paper? local rural paper?

    Shoot, we love our tams, but maybe a different breed would do.

    Also, we use our buttermilk ( butter waste milk) in any recipe that calls for buttermilk and have had good results with quick breads that way (also the dogs and cats like to drink it).

    Good luck.


  2. Shea

    The problem for us is that there are not alot of heritage breeders around us. A quick look at most of the heritage breeder pages shows a good many breeders in New England and the Midwest with a pitiful few here in the Southeast. I have found a breeder in Alabama (about 4 hours from us) that will have an unrelated breeder pair for us in August. I’m delighted that we will indeed have full Tamworths… eventually.

    As for the buttermilk… we use it in baking, and cooking as well, but there’s still left over… you’re right about the cats and dogs loving it!

    I’m still giggling over your bat story… it reminds me of something I would do!!


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