Initially M was going to do a guest post about her adventure going to get the pigs.  But she’s worn out from a 6 hour (total) drive, so I’ll have to give the highlights. 

I was unable to make the trip down due to the most infuriating and inconvenient spraining/straining/otherwise hurting of my back (yes I did go to the doc, he gave me meds, so if my writing gets a little loopy, you’ll know why).

So M, Martha and the boys headed out late this morning for Sumter to meet Russell and his family and his pigs.  Unfortunately it has turned out to be a rather cold and miserably stormy day so it wasn’t the most leisurely drive, but M with Russell’s help got there just fine.

M said they had great time meeting everybody and seeing all the pigs (LOTS OF PIGS!!).  We got 3 Tamworth Duroc crosses, all 3 are barrows (that’s castrated males for the uninitiated) and are currently about the size of a small dog.

Anyway, M had taken some small animal crates to transport the pigs in the back of Martha’s CRV. They fit perfectly and they weathered the ride home fabulously.

But let’s take a moment to talk about the smell.

Oh do they ever smell. M opened the car door when they got home and the odor boiled out into the cool damp air. It just hung there like a visible veil! Martha, stoic as ever, said “well, you get used to it after awhile” and ambled off into the house. M observed that it wasn’t until you actually smelled fresh air that you noticed how very odoriferous the wee piggies were/are.

But anyway….

Jim and I had already worked on the wee pigs little paddock near the sheep paddocks. But we had not anticipated it turning off quite cold here tonight. So we ended up bringing up a wooden crate and bedding them down in it on the porch for tonight.


Here there are exploring their new bed.


Here they are settling down.


And here they are sound asleep.

I spent a few minutes getting to know them, scratching behind their ears and down their backs.  Two of them really like the attention, but the smaller one isn’t too keen on being touched.  He barked and grunted whenever I touched him which totally startled me everytime! 

So the piggies are all bedded down, I’ve checked on them multiple times and they’re still snug as bugs.  I feel like I have some super exotic and rare animal as we have no experience with pigs or anything pig-like.  And seriously pigs don’t feel like anything you’ve ever petted before, unless you make a habit of petting your hair brush. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and we can put them out in their paddock… look for more photos tomorrow!!

5 thoughts on “Pigs!

  1. Donna

    It’s really hard for me to look at those little cuties and imagine sausage, bacon, chops, etc. I am such a city girl!


  2. Shea E Black

    Well I don’t see bacon yet…. and I do think they’re cute-ish… although they have (forgive me for the pun) boarish personalities. I will be keeping their eventual fate at the forefront of pig discussions because that is why I got them and I can’t afford to go soft on them, although I’m sure they will be petted soon enough 🙂


  3. Jim

    I got a young gilt for my herd from the same litter. (Actually I got two, but one is for the freezer.) These duroc/tams are cute. Congrats.


  4. Shea

    Welcome Jim! I’m assuming you found me thru Russell! I hated that I missed out on meeting Russell and his wife, but next time I’ll be up for it 🙂

    Going to have to take a look around your site… Thanks for the comment!


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