Pigs!! Again

The pigs weathered the cool night just fine and we moved them into their small “starter” early this afternoon.  They are, without a doubt, one of the funniest creatures we’ve ever encountered here on the farm.  They squealled like crazy when we moved them from their crate to their pen but immediately set to rooting all around their pen, turning up grubs and worms and all sorts of roots and things that they found delicious (or so I suspect).  They found their water and their new house with no problems.  Their new house, by the way, is the dog house that we originally bought for Javert which he never used, go figure.

The kids are loving the piggies!  We had a minor crisis  this afternoon when Xander “lost” the pigs. He hadn’t realized that we moved them to their new pen and was even more confused when he couldn’t locate them in said pen because they were snuggled up in their house in a pile of hay.  Sophie has kept up a running commentary for me and has run inside multiple times to give me an update.  So far I’ve been informed of their (many) bowel movements and how often they’ve eaten and how many times they’ve tried to get into their waterer.  Fun times!!

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