Catch Up

-Maggie had her baby.  I had the distinct feeling that she was holding out, but I wouldn’t have thought she’d lamb a whole month after everybody else.  By my rough calculations, she was bred right before I took Nick out of the ewe paddock!  Anyway, she had a lovely black ewe lamb that we’ve named Pauley, after the actress who plays Abby on NCIS.

-It always takes me a few days to get used to seeing the sheep with their shorn wool.  Harriett, Molly and Storm are nearly unrecognizable and Lyle just looks like somebody else!

-Due to thinking that my back was “all better” I have managed to slightly hurt it again so that I don’t sleep so well at night.  I sleep great for about 4 hours and then I’m all tossy-turny which is no fun.  I need to just go ahead and get up… but no, I keep thinking I’ll go back to sleep.  Sigh.

-The pigs are getting big and have started making demands.  If I feed them, but don’t bring any milk/whey they snort and huff and puff (oddly enough) at me until I do.  They prefer to have their feed and the milk mixed but I’m still offering them the dry feed in a separate feeder which they are eating, but there’s a definite preference for having milk with it.  Actually every time they see me they think it means there should be food in their “slop bowl”.  By far the funniest thing they do, that I didn’t know they would do, is blowing bubbles.  Every time I water them, or give them milk they’ll stick their snouts clear to the bottom of the pan and blow bubbles.  It’s hilarious! 

-Anybody with livestock knows that the price of feed has gone through the roof!  By luck we were told about a local mill in Campobella that makes their own feed with the help of a nutritionist so that it’s actually a complete feed (minerals etc added) without the preservatives and chemicals that are added to the national brands to help prolong shelflife.  Our animals are absolutely loving the new feed!  Our only problem is that this mill doesn’t make horse feed, although they assure me they will in the future and I hope it’s soon! 

-The situation with the horses and the feed has gotten worse.  Last night Alise, Fantine and Maddy were effected, so we’ve decided step back and try to figure out what’s going on.  We picked up horse feed from a mill down the road from the above mill and while it looks goods and the horses seem to like it,  it’s caused us quite a few problems.  When we were mixing this feed with our old feed there was no problem at all, the horses ate it without so much as a cough… but when we went straight over to the new feed we’ve had at least one horse at every feeding seemingly choking on her feed.  I really think it’s more like an esophageal spasm as normally when they choke I can feel a lump where the feed has stuck.  This time there’s not a lump and their whole neck spasms.  It’s weird and I don’t like it.  We’re going to try mixing the two feeds again and see if that helps.  I’m really not happy that this new feed isn’t working out.

– On the plus side, Fantine has been letting me touch her without having feed or treats to distract her.  At first she’d only allow me to approach her from her left side and then she progressed to allowing me to touch her right side.  I’m working on getting her to allow me to touch her with two hands.  During the worst of her “choking” yesterday she did allow me to touch her neck with both hands, but I think that’s because she was so focused on the problem that she didn’t notice.  The only bad thing is that once she’s over the spasms it’s like she totally forgets the progress we made.  It’s all baby steps.  It took her 3 years to relearn basic horse behavior, so I’m not surprised if this takes a long time too.  For more information on PMU horses (which Fantine is one) click here.

-The boys have a dentist appointment today that I totally forgot about so that’s it for this post!  Gotta go get dressed in a hurry!!!

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