Catch Up Continued

– the boys dentist appointment went well, although Beckett screamed like a banshee for the duration!  No cavities!  Yeah!

– continuing on the farm front: We’ve made the decision to raise Desmond as a beef.  We took care of his “bull-ness” earlier this week and all seems well on that front.  Honestly, he doesn’t seem to even notice. 

-I’m growing tired of all the people who think that we will not actually take the pigs and Des to the processor.  The pigs were brought here with one purpose in mind.  Desmond had the possibility of being our herd-bull, but his size ruled that out.  Our desire is to breed for ease of calving and his birth wasn’t exactly easy. 

-Sophie has taken over Des’ bottle feedings as well as feeding Zenzi, although Xander “helps” to some degree.  Sophie really likes feeding Des because it’s over quickly, but she doesn’t like to feed Zenzi because it takes so long.  Seriously.  The other morning Sophie was sitting on the edge of a bucket, legs crossed, arms crossed with her head in her hand while feeding the lamb with an extremely bored expression on her face… I wish I had the camera… it was a classic M pose.

-Jim is being very patient about me blogging instead of doing morning chores… even if I was playing QWERTY just moments ago because I was suffering from a continuing bout of writer’s block.

-Just to pat myself on the back: I played the word “sermonizingly” which caused the person I was playing to leave the room.  That so amuses me.   Of course I just had my butt kicked by the last guy I played… but it was actually a really good game. 

-We are averaging about 5.5 gallons or about 44lbs of milk a day, which is somewhere between AWESOME and OVERWHELMING!  I need to make more butter and cheese, which is probably on the docket for today.  The pigs shall be happy regardless 🙂

-Speaking of butter.  We finally broke down and bought an electric churn.  It’s lovely.  It has a really quiet motor and best of all can do 2 gals of cream at a time!  WooHoo!!

-We also went ahead and upgraded our canners.  We’ve had the same pressure canner for ages so we decided it was high time for a new one.  We now have an incredibly cool looking All-American Canner 930.  Yes it is wickedly expensive, but since so much of our pantry is stocked by home canned goods then I think it’s perfectly ok… plus the thing should last forever.  We also went whole-hog and got a Weck water-bath canner(no photo on that link but have a look-see at those beautiful jars) as well (with faucet), simply because it can be used for cheesemaking as well as canning.  We did break down and buy a couple different jars… how can you resist?  They’re just too lovely.  Even Angry Chickenmentioned them on her blog a couple times 🙂  FYI: Weck doesn’t have online ordering, but their phone people are so incredibly nice that it’s sort of fun going old-school with a call-in order.

-Feed situation update:  We are now mixing the feed half and half with no problems whatsoever.  Seriously, I totally don’t understand why the feed doesn’t bother them as long as it’s mixed with the old.  We’re going to keep weaning out the old feed to see what is the lowest percentage of mix they will tolerate.  Even at the current rate it makes our feed bill much nicer.

-just read the above paragraph and realized it’s a grammatical nightmare.  Meh… I’m leaving it.

-And because I really need to jump on the whole dairy aspect of my day I’m going to stop here.  I seriously hope to have something more interesting than a “bullet-post” next time!

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