Totally Awww-Summmm!!!

all  So my pal Michelle crowned me a Queen of ALLL things Awe-Summm!!! even though she accused me of an unverified addiction to Facebook since my sporadic blogging has become more sporadic than normal.  I’d play the “busy” card but she’s not buying it (it’s that whole doctor thing)… but I must say that if I could find a WordPress app for the Blackberry I’d blog on an hourly basis.

ANYWAY!!!  The way it works is simple!  First I give you 7 reasons why I think I’m awe-summm!!! and then I nominate 7 peeps to be totally Awe-Summmm!!!! Queens too 🙂  This should be totally interesting since I don’t think I’m all that awe-summm!!! (or even just awesome) at all!

1.  I’m the person everyone wants to know when they need info.  Need directions?  I’m a whiz with a map.  Need to find a restaurant in a state I’ve rarely been to?  I’ll find it! (and have multiple times… just ask Kyle).  Need to modify a recipe? or recipe fail?  Call and we’ll work it out.  Need to google that guy that might be a potential suitor?  I’m all over it.  The Internet is my friend 🙂

2.  I can cook anything and can typically replicate meals I’ve eaten out with relative ease.  I personally enjoy this ability as I love to cook and while I love to go out to a fine restaurant, I can’t always justify the expense.  The only thing I don’t attempt is sushi.  I just don’t think I can match the quality at our local sushi place… that and I just don’t like handling fish.

3.  I’m a regular she-bear about my children.  I’ve fought doctors on Sophie’s behalf (garnering myself a reputation with her b/d group) and teachers on Xander’s (anyone remember the McD’s episode?).  I think it’s awe-summmm!!! as I wouldn’t have always thought I had the strength (or the fortitude) to stand in the face of their education and experience and say “this isn’t right for my child” and know that I am right. 

4.  Everyone says I have an amazing memory… but I don’t think so.  I can remember really weird things like snap-shots in my mind, but can’t remember what I was supposed to pick up at the grocery store… I’m blaming it on having kids.

(running out of ideas… asking family…)

5. I can make cheese and other dairy products.  Apparently this is akin to working magic for Jim and his crew and the kids think it’s “cool” too.

6.  I know how to make my own food from scratch (grow it, raise it, kill it, clean it, cook it) or at least know enough to muddle thru and come out with a usable product.  I know how to clean, spin and knit wool, and I know how to ride horses and drive a team.  I can milk a cow and assist with birthing a lamb.  I know how to preserve the food from our garden.  Everybody wanted to be my friend back during the whole y2k scare 🙂

7.  I’m really ok with being highly eccentric (geneticist certified!).  🙂

Wow… that was really really hard to do!!!

So on to my 7 similarly awe-summmm queens!

1.  Sally– homeschooling, unschooling, birthing babies (her own very soon!), living and learning in her old farmhouse in VA… we met when she still lived locally and became good friends just before she moved far away to VA!

2. Robin– Sugar maples and mega-mooing bulls… she’s living the dream somewhere up north… I never can remember where… I feel good about saying NY… she’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

3. Mia– Even if Mia and I are complete and total opposites, I think she’s pretty darn cool 🙂

4. Andrea– The mother of “Dandy’s Baby”… she’s totally cool 🙂

5. Esther– Even if she’ll no longer be local, I’m sure she’ll be totally awesome way down in Florida 🙂

6. Rosemoon– Totally awesome, totally almost my neighbor… hey NC isn’t THAT far away 😉

7. And even if she did crown me, I’m totally crowning her back: Michelle!  Here’s hoping that we can work out that visit this summer during break 🙂  I’m determined to keep Des on a bottle until L can have a go at feeding him 😉

So there you go 😉  Takes me forever to get around to these things!

3 thoughts on “Totally Awww-Summmm!!!

  1. Lori

    I would still love to spend a week at your house…you are all so fascinating! I read your blog and realize Jerret and I are way too mundane.


  2. Andrea

    Hey, Shea, I just saw this. I’m so not deserving of that title! You, on the other hand, are very awesome and can do things I would never dream about trying! We miss seeing you guys. I wonder if Dandy would still recognize AP?


  3. Shea

    He still calls her his baby when he sees the pics on your blog… would be interesting to see how he’d react in person! He loves all babies, but AP is the only one he’s ever refered to as his. I keep pointing out that she’s not a baby anymore, but he just says “yeah, but she’s Dandy’s baby”


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