Overheard outside the bathroom door….

Me- Beckett you have to go potty AGAIN?!?! You’ve been what 10 times today?

B- I need to go PEE-AH!!!

Me- OK, OK, go!  Bring me your pants when you’re done.

B- OKkkkkkeeeee (running to bathroom).

enter Dandy, who follows Beckett to the bathroom.

B- I’m going poop.

D- Hey Beckett!! (said petulantly), you can poop more!

B- I done.

D- No Beckett!  This is how it’s done.  First you sit on the potty (sits on potty) and then you poop (poops).

Sounds of toilet paper…

D- See look,  1…2…3…. you poop all at one time.

Beckett- Ohhhhhhh

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