A Message for the Thief

To the people who have been stealing our horse feed… please stop.  I appreciate that the economy isn’t good right now and that feed prices are continuing to climb upward  but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you are a thief.

For the first time in the 30+ years that I have lived here we are going to have to lock down our feed room because the thieving is that out of hand.  Just this week you’ve taken over 40lbs of feed. 

We do not use a commercially available feed.  It’s not like running a couple miles into town to pick up a new bag.  In an attempt to support our local SC economy we use locally milled feed, so we have to CALL in an order, WAIT for it to be milled and then DRIVE 45 mins to go pick it up.  So not only are you stealing our feed, you’re stealing our time.

And furthermore… if you are who I’m most definitely sure you are… your horses are nice young light horses requiring minimal feeding on your lush green pasture, especially since you use them for absolutely nothing.  My horses are older DRAFT horses that require a great deal more feed and because of their age and condition screwing with their feed ratios isn’t a good idea.  When I take on a horse I take it for the long haul, not just for the duration of it’s usability… so I really don’t appreciate your stealing the food right out of their mouthes.

And further-furthermore… I am not particularly happy that you feel that it’s “OK” to steal our feed so that you can continue your self-destructive lifestyle.  If you can’t get your drug money and your feed money to run out evenly then either kick the drugs or get rid of the horses.  Simple.

So, just so we’re clear… DO NOT STEAL OUR FEED… it’s wrong, illegal and in your case stupid.

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