Clean Up

Since I don’t post all that often anymore (why is that anyway?) I thought I would force myself to do an entry while taking a bit of a break from cleaning up.  Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day making a birthday cake for one of Jim’s co-workers and in my typical style I managed to dirty nearly every surface in the kitchen.  This morning I was determined I would work until I could find the bottom of the sink (and that’s saying something if you’ve seen our sink) and I’m now waiting on the dishwasher to do it’s thing  before starting in again.  At least my technicolored fingers are fading.  Unfortunately the kids are still alittle hyped from the icing frenzy or it could’ve been the strawberry muffin they had with breakfast.

So anyway… M’s started pulling some of the potatoes.  We’ve enjoyed all kinds of new potato dishes, my favorite being new potatoes boiled and then finished in heavy cream with chives.  I think partly this is my favorite because everything in it was produced on the farm (potatoes, cream, chives and butter… all made right here!).  Probably not something you could eat everyday, but definitely yummy!

M has finished up planting all the tomatoes and peppers and I believe that she’s made a second planting of greenbeans (the first didn’t do so well).  She’s made all sorts of little lettuce boxes on the porch and I am very excited about having our first homemade salad!  She also made boxes for carrots and radishes and for the first time that I remember we actually have little carrots coming up!  The radishes have made glorious tops but no radish… not sure what that’s all about, but the greens taste good.

Let’s see what else is new? 

We put up another clothes line.  It’s much higher than the other one, although right next to it.  Now I can hang out King sized sheets and they have no threat of touching the ground, which is a good thing.  I love our clotheslines, we got them from Lehmans and it’s just too cool to walk out on the porch, roll out the laundry and not have to drag the clothes basket along with me.  Yeah… lazy… I know. 

Jim possibly destroyed his phone this morning.  Maisie side stepped and kicked the bucket (not figuratively… she’s still alive) which caused a great tidal wave of milk to slosh over the side which somehow (and I’m a little sketchy on the details) his phone was completely drenched.  I purposefully saved by old BB Curve just in case something like this happened… but here’s hoping that his phone is actually ok, otherwise he’ll be carrying around a pink phone and he’ll lose all kinds of man-points for that.  Just kidding of course… if his phone is totally dead then I’ll give him my Storm and I’ll take back the old Curve.  But I’m still hoping his phone is ok.

The pigs are growing nicely.  They are soon going to outgrow the pen they’re currently in and will need to move to the “permanant” pig pen below the sheep paddocks.  Only thing is, that hasn’t been fenced in yet.  Good thing Jim is finished with school for a little while and can work on it otherwise I think the pigs are going to succeed in digging up that big dogwood tree in their current paddock!!

The pigs are so funny!  I enjoy watching them and their pure joy whether it’s eating or wallowing in the mud… they are thrilled with themselves!  They, unlike most everybody else, can tell the difference between my voice and M’s.  I call them up with a good ole “pig, pig, pig, pig!” ala Farmer Hoggett’s wife (from the movie Babe) and if M does it they just sort of cock an ear and roll their eyes but if I call them they come running!  Smart wee piggies.

I think I already mentioned that we put the new chicks out in the big poultry paddock.  They don’t have that much longer before the meat birds are ready to be… harvested? what is the right word? processed?  Whatever… I’m looking forward to it as the price for free-range chicken has gotten appreciably higher (most recently we payed roughly $6/lb for breasts).  The naked necks will take a little longer to grow off, but the others should reach prime size by the end of next  month I think.  Again, it’s a good thing that Jim’s going to be off for a bit as we’re going to be mighty busy!

And in completely unrelated to the farm news:  Jim and I will be taking our first ever just-the-two-of-us vacation.  The only other vacation we’ve had was 9.5 years ago… when we got married.  This vacation (and I use that term lightly) is only for one night and we still have to do farm chores (ie milk) so it’s not like an escape-it-all kind of affair.  The hospital periodically has silent auctions to raise money for Rape Crisis services.  This year one of the items was a night at La Bastide, including dinner and breakfast.  Jim won that one and also the weekend loan of a X6 BMW.  The X6 is made right here in the Upstate and I think Jim is just as thrilled about getting to pick it up at the factory as he is about getting to drive it for the weekend.  Luckily too, La Bastide is relatively local as it’s on the TR side of the Cliffs.  Also the chef there is big on sustainable cuisine!  Anyway… I’m excited… even if it’s only for one night. 

And the whole dressing up for dinner thing led me to realize that I have no shoes to go with the dress Jim bought me so I found myself at Belks since they were having a shoe sale.  But unfortunately I had no Jim with me for a second opinion so I had to resort to this:

Shoe #1

 shoe#2yes, a pic of the contending shoes…

complete with the little footie sock that the shoe-woman all but attacked me with.  She’s a serious footie-pusher, and she almost got mad at me for the pics, but she let it slide… this time.  Not too many weird looks… but there were a few.  Hey… I don’t like to shop alone!  The dress Jim bought for me is a black and white number.  So what do y’all think… black shoes (which are comfortable-ish) or candy-apple red ones?  which I will have to practice walking in as they are the highest heels I’ve ever worn… seriously I think I am well over 6ft tall in these jewels but they are soooo pretty!  By the way, M, I bought the red ones, they were seriously on sale (like under $30).  The black ones ended up being under $20 once all the discounts and coupons were added up.  So I have options.  Jim likes the red ones, probably because I have to hang on to him to walk in them!  Xander, y’all might recall, has a thing about women and their shoes.  My fellow KG APs will remember the fine shoes that most of the women sported over in Bishkek (I should’ve bought a pair of the pointy toed shoes… just so Xander would be happy!).  Anyway, Xander has been most upset that I seem to have an “ugly” shoe collection (I sport Danskos as a general rule, although I’ll occasionally wear a pair of Keens just to mix it up… LOL).  He has taken to pointing out women with appropriate shoes (and clothes) when we are out in town… going so far as to physically point me in the right direction when he’s spotted a particularly lovely lady.  So you can all imagine his joy when he spotted me showing off my new heels to M.  He was like “FINALLY!!!” everytime he sees them he grins and gives me a thumbs up.  He likes the red ones too.  I modelled the whole outfit for him and he was most impressed, telling me I was quite “prilly” but would be even “prillier” if I did my hair and put on my face. 


So anyway… the dishwasher is done and I must return to the grind… especially since I now have 3 children telling me that they are starving and are desperately in need of lunch.  Tacos anyone?

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