The post that will only make sense to Jim… but that’s ok

To Jim,

Even though we sort of oops into this whole thing, there’s no other person I’d rather have as my partner in parenting 🙂 

Your calm and peaceful mindset offsets my often mercurial nature and just maybe our kids will make it to adulthood without serious mental scarring 🙂

It helps that we have similar senses of humor.

Too-doo-ta-doo-doo… Too-doo-ta-doo-doo (yeah, it’s still going thru my head… thanks)

And that we have the same core values, even if they don’t fit into society’s norm.

the system is down…. the system is down (it won’t go away!!!!!!!)

And everyday I am thankful that you are kind and caring and compassionate and wickedly amusing to boot. 

Dentist… jiggy jugga wugga… (at least it’s a different one)

And that you truly believe in our children’s potential, even when many would’ve given up or run away.

Deli-style… jiggy jugga wugga

So anyway… I love you… the kids love you and pretty much the whole world (that knows you) loves you too. 

You’re an A1+ Poppy 🙂

Just FYI:  It’s not “jiggy jugga wugga” it’s  “jugga jiggy wugga”  who knows when we screwed it up… but I like it our way better 🙂

And since we’ve been quoting it randomly for the past couple… years (even though we haven’t actually been to the homestarrunner site in AGES) the different bits keep floating thru my head.

Somehow… I know you’re laughing.

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