1.  When Sophie was first assessed by the ER staff they put a neck brace on her just in case.  This drove her absolutely mental and she, in her pain filled, medicinally loopy state, repeatedly tried, begged, pleaded and demanded that it be removed.  It was rough telling her no over and over again but finally after her CT and Xrays were read the doc came in to remove the brace.  By this time Sophie was looped out on Ativan and morphine but she woke up enough to tell him,

“It’s a good thing you’ve done for the planet.”

before going right back to la-la-land.  He thought she said something about flying planes (he’s a pilot when he’s not doctoring) but no… she was just letting him know the devastation that was at hand… if she hadn’t been drugged out the wazoo.

2.  When they took her back for her second CT she tried so hard to be perfectly still and to cooperate as best she could, but even with her trying so hard to do it herself, she still needed help from the nurse and a tech to move her from her bed to the CT table thingy.  When they helped her back to her bed she turned to them both and said,

“Thank you so very much for helping me.”

Which I thought was sooo incredibly sweet… I almost cried.  She’s such a sweet, sweet girl.

3. When we were first home we only had the two doses of Lortab that were in 4 dosing syringes (half dose in each obviously).  So she associated pain relief with medicine in those syringes.  Over the weekend she would start to hurt and would tell me,

“Mommy!  I really need pinch medicine!”

So called because the syringe reminded her of when she gets shots and we tell her it’ll pinch and then be over.

4. During the first night we were told to wake Sophie every few hours to make sure she was “OK”… we were supposed to ask her if she knew her name etc…  So, Jim woke her up at one point and she was most indignant (so was I… but that’s another story), but answered Jim easily enough.  Jim followed up her name question with a slightly odd one, “do you know who you’re sleeping with?” (I blame it on lack of sleep) which made her pause for a moment and then she answered,

“I don’t know, but there are statues in Mommy’s bed”

At the word statues she raised her splinted arms up… they’re plaster… statues… too funny!  I deemed her normal-enough….

5.  Once Sophie was aware enough for us to explain to her about what was going on, we told her that she would have to go to a special doctor, an orthopedist, who would take care of her bones.  She immediately latched on to the concept and immediately dubbed him

“The Bone Doctor”

And while we tried to explain to her that he’s actually called an orthopedist, she was adamant that he’s called a bone doctor.  So imagine her triumph when we wheeled her into his office and there emblazoned on his door was NOT Easley Orthopedists or Such-and-Such Orthopedic Medicine…. No it said Easley Bone and Joint.  To which Sophie craned around in her wheelchair to say,

“I told you he was a bone doctor!”


6.  Sophie decided while we were still in the ER that the only doctor she needed was the one to fix her bones.  She was so sure, in fact, that he would have all that she needed to survive the accident that she informed everybody that,

“the bone doctor will fix Sophie’s bones AND has squirrel spray!”

Gotta love a doctor that fixes bones and gets rid of vermin!  (I tried explaining that one to the bone doc, but he didn’t get it… guess it’s only funny to us!).

7. Throughout the early part of her recover Sophie begged for her best friend/cousin Elizabeth to come visit.  Initially we stalled Izzy coming because we wanted Sophie to get used to the idea of having all her casts and to let her body heal a bit from the fall (she was quite sore for several days).  Then Izzy went to the beach and I must have explained that to Sophie a couple 100 times before Izzy (and family) arrived at our house!  During my many explanations I tried to reason with Sophie about waiting for Izzy to come visit… explaining that she wouldn’t be able to do anything but sit around and that wouldn’t be much fun, but Sophie was adamant!  So I asked her why she wanted Iz to come right away and she said,

“because Elizabeth can use the remote!”

So we had to have a big conversation on how Elizabeth was coming to see her and play with her, but was NOT coming to be her personal attendant.  That’s my job (evidently!).

8.  Everybody has told Sophie to be careful climbing trees, or not to climb trees or some variation thereof.  At this point she tries to beat people to the punch saying,

“… and no more climbing trees”

 (this is more about the way she says it than the actual quote imagine a very droll/exasperated tone, occasionally accompanied by a slight eye roll)  I totally understand where she’s coming from…


There are several more, but I just can’t think of them all right now… I’ll have to get M and Jim to remind me of the ones I’m missing… I’ll update as we remember or hear new ones!


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