Academically Thinking

As most everybody knows, we have homeschooled Sophie from the get-go.  Other than her language therapy, Sophie has never been to “real” school and while our methods have been unusual at times (remember learning to write with a quill?) we have seen great successes in Sophie’s education over the past year.

Last year, as many of you know, we attempted to let Xander go to private pre-K at a local church, but because they had “loose” regulations regarding field trips (like they didn’t tell me they were going on one) and I didn’t like that they endorsed unhealthy food choices (field trip to McD’s and every time I visited there was cake/cookies out for the kids’ snack time) we pulled him from that program after only a month. 

So this year we’ll have Xander doing Kindergarten and Sophie doing her conglomeration of Grades 2 through 3.  I keep thinking that I should be nervous about handling both children this year… but honestly I’m rather looking forward to it.  Kelly is homeschooling Iz and Peter this year and they are more or less on the same level as my guys so at the very least I have someone to commiserate with.

But basically all of this is simply to say… I’ve started a new blog for our homeschooling activities… I’ll probably be double posting there and here but I’m trying to do a better job of documenting and discussing the school work and I know the blog format works well for me.

It’s pretty dead over there right now, but as the school year gets going (which will be Sept for us) I’ll be posting at least weekly with a review of our week’s adventures and accomplishments.  So anyway… click the picture below and have a look see… I have a few links up and an opening entry… but as I was saying, it won’t start hopping over there until September.


9 thoughts on “Academically Thinking

  1. michelle

    I totally expect you to keep up the homeschooling blog…we don’t homeschool rightnow but we love using homeschool stuff for enhancement. Lilianna totally loves time4learning.


  2. tapsalteerie

    Michelle- I’m totally hoping I keep up with it because our HSAssociation has changed hands and now they’re pretty militant about wanting examples and explanations of work accomplished throughout the year… so it’s great incentive to keep up with it, just to keep the dragon lady from breathing down my neck!

    T4L is awesome! It’s really helped us “unlock” Sophie’s potential by letting her learn in her comfort zone (ie the computer) and then take that learning and reinforcing it in real-life settings. is another incredible resource as well… Xander loves the reading programs and Sophie loves the cultural tales.


  3. Shea

    Sally- Totally stealing links from your site! Loving the Little Garden Flower! Ordering a bunch of artsy things for the kiddos while the sale is going on!


  4. Shea

    awwww thanks Haze 🙂 We’ve been doing the homeschooling for ages (Sophie’s never been to public school, other than for her language therapy) and love it. I had already planned to HS before we really knew that Sophie had issues and I’m so glad that all of her “team” (docs, therapists, behavioralists, etc) agree that homeschooling is the only viable way for her.


  5. Shea

    Mia- She’s doing better… frustrated that she can’t manipulate her right hand like she wants to, but learning to deal with it. She even tried chop-sticks left handed the other night and almost got it! She goes for her 3 week checkup on Wed. so there will be another round of xrays and I’ll have a better update then.


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